Amazon/USPS deal won’t create any new jobs reports that the US Postal Service doesn’t expect its Sunday delivery deal with Amazon to create any new permanent jobs, since the deliveries will be performed by part-time staff:

USPS spokeswomen Patricia Licata said in an email that the agency plans to deliver packages on Sundays using city carrier associates and rural carrier associates – part-time employees working variable schedules – rather than full-time staff. The agency will hire additional associates if the need warrants it, but there are no plans to convert these employees to full-time status, according to Licata.

The story goes on to confirm that the USPS expects that its career work force will continue to shrink.

Read more: The State of the Shrinking Postal Service Workforce.

  • Chad

    I have heard that they will give the ccas a choice to convert to different title of metro post. We will see, the post office is a fish bowl.

  • coast office worker

    Heard that recent posting for CCAs in my area will allow retired postal employees to apply. Guess it must be similar to the rural TRC positions where retirement benefits aren’t affected when rehired.
    Won’t see an application from me; hated working Saturdays all those years; not interested in any Sunday work at this stage of my life.

  • 30 Year Vet

    I think this artical may be a little off. This deal won’t create any new “craft” jobs. I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other positions waiting to be made.

    • common sense

      The USPS person is pretty specific about the fact that while they may add some CCAs, they shouldn’t expect to become regulars. So any “jobs” created would be part-time and temporary. And you don’t even need “a whole lot” of temps to deliver Amazon Prime packages on Sunday, especially when the service is only being offered in limited areas.

      • 30 Year Vet

        I like how the PO hitched there wagon on these CCAs. Out of the last 23 they hired in my area, 21 of them quit. The last one walked out there door mumbling ” This job is completely ridiculous.”

  • the mailhandler

    wait till the amazon packages start disappearing!