Letter carriers deliver, even on Sunday

From the National Association of Letter Carriers:

On Sunday, letter carriers like Princeton, NJ Branch 268 member Josef Thompson began delivering Parcel Select packages in more than 900 ZIP codes nationwide as paLetter carriers deliver, even on Sundayrt of a test involving Sunday delivery of packages from a major online retailer. There is unlimited potential for growth in Sunday and same-day package delivery, which increases revenue for the Postal Service while providing more services to the American people. NALC has been involved in and fully supports this effort, and we will continue to work with the Postal Service to grow this business in the future.

NALC | The National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO.

  • just saying

    we’re going from no saturday delivery ………….to now SUNDAY DELIVERY…………..( ya;ll think there;s something wrong with the thinkers)

    • Melody Gannaway

      That’s the Postal Service for you.

      • Nemso

        Even more pressure coming down the road! Who is slated to deliver on Sunday?

  • 30 Year Vet

    The GOB (Good Ole boys) are scrambling to some how save this sinking ship. None of them are qualified to do anything else but sit around and none of them know a thing about running a business. And because of them the Postal service is about to come crashing down. It’s been 30 years of the GOB club and it’s finally crushing under the weigh of itself.

  • Chadpo

    There are those people who try to work their way up, to try and help make decisions. Then there are those who just sit and complain about the decisions others make. I can see who is on here. No one in the post office does anything they didn’t already know they were going to have to do after a short time of working here.