Video: Woman Claims Letter Carrier To Blame For Dog’s Death

collieBALDWIN (KDKA) — Elijah Jordan, known to the neighborhood as “E.J.” was a handsome guy, but the 4-year-old Collie meant the most to Pam Grace.

“He was my life,” said Grace. “He was my baby. And he’s not with me anymore.”

Last Tuesday afternoon, about 4:30 p.m., a new mail carrier who’d only only been on the job for a month, was delivering letters off her customary route on Willett Road in Baldwin.

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  • Toejam

    Good for the mail carrier. I am NOT going to let a dog get that close to me if I can help it. If it bites me “on the clothes”, I’m dang sure it will bite me on the body. In retrospect, the mail carrier should have avoided the situation by NOT going for the porch to deliver a package/accountable.

  • lyndie52

    When you are a mail carrier, and you don’t know the dog, you don’t trust it. No matter how much the neighbor and the woman loved that dog, it could be nasty to a stranger. This happens with mail carriers. the dogs dont like them entering their territory. These kinds of dogs are also a kind that bite quite often. People never believe their dog would do such a thing, but i have seen it happen too many times.

    • JDR

      I’ve been owned by a rough collie since birth. My parents got their first collie in the mid 1950’s. They ARE NOT known to bite. In fact my 16 month old male has spent more time in and out of medical facilities visiting patients and staff than most adults. He had his first visit at just 8 weeks old. What collies are known for is their barking. I’m sure this poor boy barked so she knew he was there. Also the owner had every right to have her dog in the front yard. The postal worker if scared had a right to refuse to deliver her mail. Tim if your neighbor needs some “Collie Loving” leave a message here. I have a brother that lives a couple of streets over.

  • Retired USPS ET

    I love animals and cannot but wonder why EJ was tethered in the front yard instead of the back?!? Even a the dog with the friendliest of motives may seem intimidating to some… why not remove that risk (or more to my beliefs, why even have a dog if you cannot provide a safe, healthful environment for the pooch to begin with???)

    • Timothy Cole

      the dog was safe in his own yard and minding his own business this was an action of an inempt postal employee that the USPS has admitted to me she broke at least 3 of there rules 1. do not deliver to a yard where a dog is present
      2. if the mailbox is o the street do not go into the yard
      3. If you feel threatened by a dog do not use your bag as a weapon that s what the spray is for

  • Jfro

    If the carrier was new ,it stands to reason that she had no earthly idea that the box was so far from the house. From the footage, it seems that this is the only box on the street – so of course she’d be looking for a mailbox on or near the house and would be crossing through the yard after delivering at the previous house. This sounds like a load of hooey to me.

    • Timothy Cole

      ne USPS has admitted that the carrier was not bitten and she reacted incorrectlyt so the mailbox when the carrier is coming from the neighbors house is in plain sight right in front of her the problem on this particular delivery was a clueless woman who needs to e fired for her actions I have a real mean and aggressive dog and she continually attempted after my wife told her not to to pet our dog and I guarantee you she woud have been bit TH

      • Jfro

        You were there? You’re an eye witness to the event?

        • Timothy Cole

          Yes I was I am also in the interview at the very end

          • Jfro

            Just because a mail receptacle is in “plain sight” does not mean a carrier sees it. Carriers are responsible for sorting mail while they walk through yards towards their next delivery. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked right past a delivery like this one, simply because the box is not on the front of the house like the rest on the block.

            You actually saw the carrier assault the dog?

            What I don’t understand is how a dog “had a heart attack” a couple of days later and it’s the fault of the carrier. I’m puzzled.

          • Timothy Cole

            Jfro it is called a delayed simplamatic trauma attack the veterinarian has confirmed this diagnosis and es I di witness th mail carrier attack the dg with her bag which is against USPS policy they are to use it only as a shield and use there spray

          • Jfro

            I’m just going by what the owner said in the video.

            I just Googled “delayed simplamatic trauma attack” and no results came back. Are you sure this is what it’s called?