At Swearing-In Ceremony: Dimondstein Issues Call For a ‘Grand Alliance’

APWU News Bulletin 21-2013, Nov. 7, 2013 | PDF

In an impassioned speech before more than 1,000 union members, the newly-elected president of the American Postal Workers Union, Mark Dimondstein, issued a call for a “grand alliance” to save the USPS as a public postal service and to protect postal jobs.

“History shows that movements move Congress,” Dimondstein said. “Movements create legislative victories.”

“Writing to Congress is important,” he declared, “but it is not enough. Lobbying for legislation is important, but it is not enough.” To succeed, postal workers must build a movement, he said.

“When the Flint sit-down strikers occupied a General Motors plant in the 1930s, labor law reform was won. When women took to the streets to demand the right to vote, they won. When courageous civil rights workers fought segregation with sit-ins and boycotts, the 1964 Civil Rights Act followed,” Dimondstein said.

“History shows that movements move Congress. Movements create legislative victories, not the other way around,” he said.

“We must build a grand alliance between the people of this country and postal workers,” he proclaimed. “We must mobilize our allies and their organizations, including seniors, retirees, civil rights organizations, veterans groups, the labor movement, community and faith-based organizations, the Occupy movement, and business groups in defense of America’s right to vibrant public postal services,” he said.

The labor movement is in dire straits, Dimondstein acknowledged. “Anything that stands for the public good — public libraries, public education, public utilities, public transportation and public postal services — is under severe attack, as are public workers and our unions.”

But postal workers are not alone, he said. Public workers in Wisconsin stood up and fought back, he noted. “Wal-Mart workers are stirring. Fast food workers are demanding a living wage.”

“A revitalized labor movement is indeed possible,” he declared, as he urged union members to join together to defend a public Postal Service and good union jobs.

Eighty APWU national officers were sworn in on Nov. 7. Their three-year terms begin Nov. 12.

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  • Barry

    Sounds good? Yet we have 4 different Postal Unions with 4 different agendas and goals led by bloated bureaucracies filled with over paid double pension planned elites living large off the Union members dime.

    Dare I point out to Mr. Dimondstein the continued wasted resources and joint strength right here in our own back yards.

    • common sense

      Dare I point out to you that Mark was elected by the members of his union? Dare I mention that the unions are made up of members who voluntarily pay dues and have a vote in deciding how the union operates?

      Would we be better off if we just had a single union? Maybe, maybe not. But it’s for the members to decide. If you’re a member of one of the unions, then get to work promoting the idea of a single union to your fellow union members.

      (If you’re not a union member, obviously, none of this is any of your business!)

      • Barry

        Common Sense? Wheres the truth in advertising? lol “then get to work promoting the idea of a single union to your fellow union members”
        Dare I point out to you that’s what I am doing? lol

        • common sense

          I try to avoid responding to people who actually type “lol” into their comments, but I guess I can make an exception.

          So I assume you’ve introduced your proposal to your fellow members locally, or maybe at a state convention? How did that go?

          Dare I point out that posting the idea on an anonymous comment forum doesn’t constitute “promoting”? Especially when you tell your fellow members that the people THEY just elected are “bloated bureaucracies filled with over paid double pension planned elites living large off the Union members dime”? Given that the members are under no obligation to pay union dues, don’t you have the slightest suspicion that perhaps they completely disagree with you? Do you think that basically calling them idiots is the best way to convince them that YOU know what’s best for them?

          What planet are you from originally?

          • Barry

            LOL! LOL! LOL!
            There now don’t respond. LOL!
            Common sense tells me your one of those pretentious bloated double pension swilling bureaucrats trying to spin. LOL!
            I never call fellow Union Members “idiots”.
            That was your spin.
            Oh and I use my real name. Perhaps you should too. Unless your common sense tells you otherwise?

          • common sense

            Thank you for demonstrating why I don’t normally waste my time responding to people who actually sit at a keyboard and type “lol”, or, if you prefer, “LOL”.

            You may not have called union members “idiots” explicitly, but what else would you call people who voluntarily select, and pay the salaries and expenses of, “pretentious bloated double pension swilling bureaucrats”?

            Union members select those people. Union members make a conscious decision to send a portion of every paycheck to them. If they really are what you describe, what else would you call the members but idiots?

            And you haven’t told us how your efforts to promote one union have been going- what have you done beside posting anonymous comments here?

            Oh and I do mean anonymous- using the name “Barry” doesn’t identify you any more than my using the name “common sense”.

          • Barry


          • common sense

            Good comeback! Don’t let rational discussion get in the way of your hilarious little acronyms!

  • CC

    Oh, you two respondents… Isn’t the irony in you comments to one another apparent enough to illustrate the need for a “brotherhood” among union members, labor activists, and interested individuals. Whether by joining forces via a “supra-union” or a more sanguine amalgam of communications between the unions as they are currently structured, there can be little hope of success when we cannot even talk civilly among each other in a forum such as this.

    • common sense

      I don’t see anything ironic in my comments. I’m in complete agreement with Dimondstein’s remarks. My disagreement is with “Barry” and his insulting remarks about the union leadership and the dues paying members who elected them. If “Barry” wants to be treated as a “brother”, he needs to stop insulting the brothers and sisters who obviously disagree with him.

      I’m not worried about the “Barrys” in our organization- by claiming that they know better than the rest of the membership, they create animosity and disunion- the best thing for the union is to get rid of people like him, or at least ignore them (which is what I probably should have done!).

      • Barry

        LOL!! If the union got rid of us then they’d have to get rid of those inflated double pensions and salaries. LOL!!!

        • common sense

          Us? You seem to imply that there are a lot of people who agree with you. Given the recent APWU election results (and all the other elections that preceded it), that isn’t the case. You represent yourself, period.