Video: Moving? Beware change of address sites

A caution to anyone who may be moving in the next year, or may have a student moving away from home soon.

When you go to file that change of address report, you may want to make sure you’re filing it with the US Postal Service… the real postal service, as one Butler County, Ohio woman recently learned.

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  • Mr Postman

    USPS charges $1.00 for online change-of-addresses, mostly so they can verify who is making the change by the name on the charge card. If the USPS didn’t do this, people would be filing COAs on people they didn’t like.

    Private companies like the one in the video charged almost 20 bucks, or 20 times more.

    If private companies handled the mail, and charged like this, it will cost you $9.20 to mail a letter.

    A lot of people seem OK with the demise of the USPS, and the huge increases in the price they will pay to mail items. Why?

    However… when the USPS tries to raise prices by 1 or 2 pennies, it faces a mountain of criticism.