OIG says USPS failed to recover almost $10 million in Voyager card overpayments

uspsoigThe USPS Office of the Inspector general has issued a Management Alert concerning overpayments to trucking contractors. The USPS issues “Voyager” credit cards to HCR contractors for the purchase of fuel. As part of the reconciliation process, the USPS is supposed to recover any charges above those provided for in the HCR contracts.

The OIG had this to say about the process:

We estimate that the Postal Service did not properly identify and recover about $9.9 million in fuel overpayments to HCR suppliers for fuel year 2009-2010. It failed to collect these overpayments because the HCR Voyager Card Program reconciliation process was not reasonably conducted and documented.

Read the full report: Voyager Card Program for Highway Contract Routes – Unidentified and Unrecovered Fuel Overpayments | Office of Inspector General.

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    Maybe Nagisa Manabe was in charge of that. What a joke

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    The Post Office may as well be run by Carl from slingblade at least he knows to put mustard on his French fries