Stamp collectors not impressed by “Inverted Jenny Invert”

uninvertedjennyThe US Postal Service thought it would be an exciting idea to intentionally “misprint” some of its recent “Inverted Jenny” commemorative stamps, with the famous upside down biplane flying right side up.

But it seems that stamp collectors, the intended audience, are not impressed. A commentary in this week’s Linn’s Stamp News by Scott catalog editor Charles Snee says the gimmick “exposes the lack of understanding that the Postal Service exhibits toward the hobby and collectors”.

Letters to the editor from collectors agreed, with one reader criticizing the USPS for “playing games with our hobby”, and another suggesting that the USPS had “finally shot itself in the foot”.

While the 100 “misprinted” panes will certainly rise in value thanks to their scarcity, that won’t be reflected in the Scott catalog, considered the bible of the stamp collecting hobby. Editor Snee noted when the stamps were announced that Scott’s listing policy excludes “intentional varieties created in small quantities”. As far as Scott is concerned, the “exciting” stamps will merit a mere footnote in the catalog.

Read more: Linn's Stamp News.

  • Plugs and hugs

    Don’t forget that all the slugs at USPS HQ were once craft employees……

    • Ben Franklin

      No they weren’t- Nagisa Manabe, who’s responsible for the stamp program, came to the USPS from Coca Cola Japan.

  • Jim Beranis

    I so disagree with Scott. Who wouldn’t like to get the invert? This is stupid.

    • Ben Franklin

      Why should they change their rules for this particular issue?

  • Doer

    Another Nagisa Manabe disaster. What has she done right???