SUV crashes into Illinois PO, injuring customer

A customer was injured yesterday when an SUV crashed into the Orland Park IL Post Office. News reports say the driver was an elderly woman, but no further details have been released.

10-24-13PostOfficeCrash2Firefighters from the Orland Fire Protection District were dispatched at around 1:09 pm today (Thursday Oct. 24, 2013) to the Orland Park Post Office at 144th Street after a mid-sized SUV drove through the Post Office’s front window. The driver was checked and released without any injuries but a Post Office customer inside the building sustained injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Firefighters also inspected the damage to the building concluding there was no major structural damage to make the building unsafe. The Orland Fire Protection District worked with Postal employees to remove debris and salvage property.

via Orland Fire Protection District Blog.