NALC: New MOU on CCA probation and holiday carrier assistants

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS LOGOOct. 23, 2013—In a memorandum of understanding (M-01826) dated Oct. 22, 2013 regarding city carrier assistant (CCA) staffing, the NALC and the Postal Service agreed that city carrier assistants who served as city carrier temporary employees (TEs) directly before their initial CCA appointment will not serve a probationary period when converted to full-time career status during the term of the MOU.

In the MOU, which is effective through March 31, 2014, the parties agreed to jointly monitor on a weekly basis at the national level the necessary CCA resources during implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding Re: Residual Vacancies – City Letter Carrier Craft (M-01824) and the Sunday parcel delivery test.

Additionally, to assist with the significant increase of parcel volume expected over the holiday season, holiday carrier assistants, which were an option beginning in 2014 per the 2011 National Agreement, will now be available during December 2013.

  • 30 Year Vet

    This sounds like a solid plan, except for one thing. ALL CCA’s QUIT WITHIN A WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jr

      There paid crap, treated like crap, no days off, no vacation, no benefits, no sick leave. new ones have no hope being a reg in 10 years. wonder no more, who would stay n carry the crap

      • Raillyn

        I have to disagree. CCA’s get sick time, get holidays off, and get decent pay.

        • SS

          they get 5 days of annual leave in a year, no holidays off and can make more money working at Costco or dunkin D’s warehouse where they start out earning 20 an Hour

          • Aya

            news to me when I checked here Cosco and Dunkin only paid their employees $8.50….. =OP

          • cwhocares

            PSEs and CCAs earn vacation time and their pay is $12.00 to $15.00 per hour. Most families would welcome that amount. I hear people griping about not getting any overtime. Get used to it. It makes good business sense. You’re only guaranteed 40 hours a week. Learn to live within your means. Take one of those Dave Ramsey courses.

          • jr

            CCA do not get sick leave. They get 4hr AL every pay. They do not get paid holidays, they may even work holidays doing collections. After they work 1 year, they get their 5 day(unpaid 5) break. Any left over AL is paid off, and they start back at zero, if they are brought back. And what about the te’s who became cca, they got a $5 hr pay cut, ever though they been working for years. I know cca’s working over 4 years, and doing a good job. What company has workers making less $ after 4 years of service. Also what union lets it happen, the same one that let the te program happen to begin with. $$$$$$$$ for the union these cca are, suckers, they can b fired n no one cares.

          • matt

            You are so f$$k stupid. An arbitrator made the cca position in the new cba. Te lost their job at the end of the 06-11 contract. It was their choice to b hired under the new agreement as a cca with a 5 dollar a hour cut. Your choice nobody else.

          • ttboy

            its wrong, people invest years in a job, then told were taking back money or hit the streets. Got the new contract, one page long, it says they can do that.

          • matt

            They knew when they took the TE job that it was temporary. Hens the title temporary employee. Year invested? Was never going to be career! Their choice for taking new job as CCA with pay cut!

          • CCAs are EVIL!!!!

            You act as if he had a choice between being a TE and a career carrier. Try to remember that you didn’t get your career city carrier job because of anything YOU did besides take the test! TEs didn’t become TEs because they were unreliable lazy slobs. They took what they were offered, just like you did.

            It’s really sickening hearing all the insults to TEs and CCAs here from smug entitled career carriers. Count your blessings, and remember that you got your job because you were LUCKY- nothing else!

          • 88120rob

            CCAs can become career 40-hour carriers with full benefits after a year or 2, sometimes less. They’e not temporary dead-end jobs as they were in the past.

          • aircav37

            i was a cca for a year and a half. i was good at the job and could carry any route in my office. it finally became obvious that it was a dead end job. no benefits besides 4hrs al per pay period. after a year and a half i was no closer to becoming a regular than when i started. that being said, i knew the deal when i signed up so i cant really complain. in the end, it just wasnt worth it for me anymore to be a cca when i could easily find a better job with benefits.

          • aircav37

            and cca’s get ZERO paid holidays btw

        • Aya

          I agree with Raillyn I do CCA and I get holidays off so far, and get more money there then the low end jobs you are talking about. Yeah its hard work but you know what its better than Mcdonalds =OP

          • 30 Year Vet

            I love your positive outlook Aya, but the way the PO has this new plan structured you won’t be eliagble for retirement til about 2050

        • Kathy

          Aya, do you get paid holidays or unpaid holidays. Healthcare? Sick time? And if you get hurt its bye bye.

          • Aya

            I Have gotten hurt. I don’t get paid holidays but I don’t care about that it’s fine. And lastly yes I get sick time in fact I’ve got over 40 hours

        • Max Rebos

          No CCA’s do not. Two of my supervisors told me, I am a CCA, that I do not get sick time and I do not get holiday pay. $15 an hour for doing the exact same job as a regular carrier making $25+ before overtime is BS. Let the regulars get the cuts and the overtime. Its not worth it to me.

  • Holly

    Or they stay until they find another job that’s what our cca’s are doing.

  • Skeptic

    Sounds like they’ll do anything to avoid paying overtime to regular carriers. What is a holiday carrier assistant? Why would the NALC agree to this?

    • vitameatavegamin

      New term for Xmas Casuals…………used to have them.

      • Mailmam

        Sounds like you have been around for awhile also. And summer casuals

    • Carrier that isn’t greedy

      maybe you finally get it – usps cant afford to keep paying all this overtime. They should go to evaluated routes in city also.

      • 30 Year Vet

        Maybe they should hire enough craft employees to handle the workload. Lord knows they have plenty of management to bark out the orders.

      • Michael Huett

        If the USPS would get rid of so damn many pencil pushers and wasteful management spending, then they might have enough money. Or if they would simply hire enough people…..just saying.

  • Champion of the sun

    At our office vehicles are sparse. What will these new CCA’s be using?? Their own vehicle?

  • Not Greedy

    I swear..Some Reg City carriers feel so entitled. You feel you deserve OT at 40 plus dollars and hour. You are blessed to be the last of the blue collar workforce that makes that kind of money. I have been a city carrier for 15 years and I am a damn good one, but lets be clear. Any high school drop out can do any job in the post office. I trained (2) CCA’s and they are both damn good at what they do here. They make 15 an hour and get 40 hours plus per week and in my state that is above the median household income per year. Its 2013. People with masters degrees are unemployed. If the a business can pay 15 dollars an hour instead of paying a greedy carrier 40 dollars they should.

    • Max Rebos

      I agree, a monkey can do this job and firmly believe that mail carriers are people who do not qualify and cannot do anything else in life. It was good to get into it years ago when it was good. Yes I signed up, but I left the field I was in for a long time to recoop my life. As a CCA I am making less than I was at my last career, but I got my life back.

      And to back up my first sentence…. Regular Career carriers DO NOT QUIT this job, why??? Where in the USA are you going to make about $25 regular pay for walking the streets or driving a truck and putting paper into peoples mail boxes. Oh you might get wet some days, cold another, but in the end, tell me what job out there will pay $60K+ a year to do a monkeys job? no where.

    • 88120rob

      Then since you feel overpaid, you must donate it to charity or burn it.

      Or suffer and keep it and be a greedy hypocrite.