FedEx Introduces FedEx One Rate

Fedex logoMEMPHIS, Tenn., Oct. 21, 2013—FedEx Express, an operating company of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX), is introducing FedEx One RateSM which gives U.S. customers a simple, predictable, flat rate shipping option for their express packages.

FedEx One Rate shipping is backed by the reliability, world-class tracking, time-definite delivery and high levels of customer service of the FedEx Express network.  FedEx One Rate shipments also are covered by the FedEx Express money back guarantee.

“With its simple, predictable pricing, FedEx One Rate takes convenience and flexibility to the next level for our customers,” said Raj Subramaniam, executive vice president of Marketing at FedEx Services. “For consumers and small businesses alike, FedEx One Rate pricing allows customers to plan and control their express shipping costs more easily. They can add to the box without adding to the cost.”

To ship using FedEx One Rate, customers simply select their free FedEx Express packaging, an eligible FedEx Express domestic shipping service and the destination.  The FedEx One Rate price is then calculated based on the packaging type, service selected and distance.

FedEx Delivery Manager options also are available to residential recipients receiving shipments utilizing FedEx One Rate pricing such as request to hold at FedEx Office or FedEx ship centers, proactive notifications, sign for a delivery in advance, request vacation hold and more.

Starting Nov. 1, FedEx will kick off the “FedEx One Rate, Countless Possibilities Through Education” promotion, giving customers across the United States a simple way to give the gift of education. Through Dec. 23, $1 from every FedEx One Rate transaction will be donated to Teach For America, up to $200,000, helping to fund training for 11,000 teachers serving 750,000 students in underserved communities across the country.

FedEx One Rate – New Flat Rate Shipping Option

FedEx One Rate offers several advantages to FedEx Express customers, including:

  • More packaging options.  Five new FedEx Express boxes have been added to the current line of free packaging for the introduction of FedEx One Rate, along with a new Extra Large size category.  FedEx now offers a total of 12 packing options for all express shipping services.  Customers can also now choose from cube shaped boxes for their items.
  • No need to weigh qualifying shipments.  FedEx One Rate offers a great value for customers as weight (FedEx Envelopes 10 lbs. or less and FedEx Paks and Boxes 50 lbs. or less), fuel surcharges, residential and delivery area surcharge fees do not alter the base rate for FedEx One Rate shipments.
  • Simplified pricing.  Three zones allow customers to take advantage of a simply-priced option for the shipping distance.
  • Time-definite delivery.  FedEx One Rate shipping is available with one-, two- or three-day U.S. domestic FedEx Express time-definite shipping commitments.
  • Value-added services.  FedEx One Rate pricing includes the value-added services that FedEx Express shipping is known for, including world-class tracking capabilities, excellent customer service, money-back guarantee and no additional charge for declared value of up to $100.
  • Convenience.  FedEx One Rate shipping is convenient and easy to access.  It is available online through FedEx Ship Manager Lite, FedEx Ship Manager and FedEx mobile offerings and at more than 1,800 FedEx Office locations and 650 FedEx ship centers.  Customers can also drop off their FedEx One Rate shipments at more than 36,500 FedEx drop box locations.
  • Easy and fast online.  Customers can ship faster and easier than ever because they do not need to weigh FedEx Envelope shipments 10 lbs. or less and FedEx Express boxes 50 lbs. or less.  Customers also do not need to measure the dimension of the box.  FedEx Ship Manager Lite makes it easier and faster than ever for customers to ship online.  Customers also are able to now access FedEx Ship Manager Lite without a FedEx account through web-based and mobile applications as well as email a copy of shipping labels.

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  • chuck

    It’s nice to see fedex finally catch up to what the postal service has been doing for years!

    • DaPhantomMailman

      Yeah they copycat from the BEST! USPS ALL THE WAY AND NO SURCHARGES!

      • Tvarmand

        that’s right we innovated Flat Rate, so FedEx jumps aboard with there network all in place. we still lag behind because the Congress, the Unions, still are waging war over how best USPS service there needs. We have the network but are hands are tied, we could have taken a big chunk out of Orange and Purple, if we could right sizes this business, yes that means ending Saturday letter delivery, but improving are parcel service.

        I hear The Brown one working their White board.

  • BobOfArslan

    Q: If there is only One Rate, why can’t you tell us what it is?
    A: Because there is not just One Rate. There are still multiple rates depending upon destination and how fast you want it delivered, 1, 2, or 3 days). But thanks for putting lipstick on a pig. She looks much better now.

  • doorcoach

    Wanna bet your friendly letter carrier ends up delivering most of them ?

  • Gregg Grubbs

    You know,F**k Fed-Ex!!!Their home delivery service sucks and God knows where they will leave your package.Still overpriced and rotten service!! Goes to show ya that the USPS package service is on the upswing!!

  • Shipper

    ““With its simple, predictable pricing,…”

    Except you can’t “predict” it. There is no chart or function that lets you put the ‘to’ and ‘from’ and find out what it will cost!

    The pricing is based on distance (just as it always was) and is only “flat” for a given weight category.

    What bunk.