USPS seeks employees to appear in holiday commercials

From USPS News Link:

USPS is looking for a few enthusiastic employees to appear in an ad for this year’s holiday advertising campaign.

commercialLike the ad currently appearing across the country, the new commercial also will feature employees as the cornerstone of USPS.

All are welcome to audition for this year’s holiday commercial, which will feature employees singing a unique version of the 12 Days of Christmas. The Postal Service says most of the roles in the new ad call for carriers. But employees from other parts of the organization also may have opportunities to appear in the commercial.

No prior singing experience or talent required. But personality, according to USPS marketing managers, is a prerequisite.

Applicants must email a video of themselves (waist up) singing a short rendition of the 12 Days of Christmas to Include your name, city and state of your work location and contact information in the email. Be sure to also include your manager’s contact information.

Submissions are due by Wednesday, Oct. 23 at 12 p.m. EST. Applicants must receive approval from their managers prior to their selection and production of the commercial.


  • vitameatavegamin

    Lumps of coal for Donahoe and the clowns of L’Enfant Plaza would be more appropriate this XMAS……

  • Happily Retired

    Another warm and fuzzy USPS Holiday commercial.Can’t wait!!!

  • xyz

    Don’t these jobs have to be awarded to the senior bidder? 🙂

  • dew

    On the first day of Christmas supervisor gave to me, a seven day suspension-yyyy. On the second day of Christmas supervisor gave to me, a brand new 204-B, On the third day of Christmas supervisor gave to me- 3 CCA”S.

  • postal worker bruce

    waist up…lets have a female carrier with tassels on her nipples…ho ho ho….

  • Toejam

    Give the jobs to management. They are GREAT at fooling the public. It’ll sell a million stamps…………