Obamacare woes need a paper cure- like the USPS?

obamacareFinancial Times editor Gary Silverman suggests that Obamacare’s problem isn’t the concept itself, but an over-reliance on computers and the Internet:

Opponents of Mr Obama point to the inconvenience as proof he never should have tried to extend medical coverage to people without it. They are wrong. Unlike so much of what comes out of Washington these days, Obamacare has public appeal. I realise that biological theories are out of favour in our nation’s capital these days, but I think it stands to reason that if you offer members of an evolving species a better chance of survival, they will take it – as the uninsured are now doing.

I would argue that we could cure much of what ails Obamacare today by simply turning back the clock and using old-fashioned methods. All the information about insurance plans and applications for medical coverage could be printed on paper, delivered by the US Postal Service, filled out by hand, processed by people and stored in secure metal filing cabinets in sturdy office buildings.

President Franklin Roosevelt didn’t need a web portal when he started his Social Security pension scheme. Nor did President Lyndon Johnson ask the elderly or the disabled to log on to anything when he launched the Medicare insurance programme.

Obamacare woes need a paper cure – FT.com.

  • redbeardguy

    No idea will ever make something, or anything for that matter, like obabacare something that is good and does not go against the constitution. The idea of using the post office to make it work is ridiculous.

  • mjamison

    And here you have hit on exactly why the Postal Service isn’t going away. There’s no doubt that electronic communications and the internet offer certain efficiencies print technologies have some unique characteristics that simply aren’t going to go away or be replaced.
    A strong postal network is going to be an essential part of our national infrastructure for generations to come.

    • Unwanted Guest

      Tell that to the Repiglicans who with their accomplice,Postmaster General Donahoe,are dismantling it so their friends at UPS and FedEx can take over postal services and we can pay $2 or more to mail a letter.

  • Amy

    Love this!! Everyone should have it mailed to everyone. It helps both. Get off the internet & have it mailed to you.