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Update: Apparently the right wingers aren’t the only ones concerned about the dangers of too much safety! The New York Daily News has also jumped on the bandwagon, with an editorial this morning that claims “Not even kids on postage stamps are safe from the safety-obsessed”.

Hey! Guess who got mentioned in that bastion of old school conservatism, the National Review?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has destroyed an entire press run of a stamp series over safety concerns about the images on three out of the 15 stamps in the series.

The stamps, which were aimed at getting children to be more active, featured kids cannonballing into a pool, skateboarding without kneepads, and performing a headstand without a helmet. Postalnews reports that USPS Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Nagisa Manabe asked First Lady Michelle Obama to take part in a first day ceremony for the stamps.

Upon reviewing the stamps, members of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, which was launched by Michelle Obama in 2010, raised their concerns.

OK, so it’s not the actual National Review magazine, it’s just their “Corner” blog, but still!

The “Corner” item was one of a number of mentions our story on the “Just Move” stamps got on right wing web sites yesterday.

breitbartBased on our site’s traffic records, the “Just Move” mania started when someone posted a copy of our story on the Democratic Underground site. That item was then picked up by famed dead blogger Andrew Breitbart’s site, which is sort of a wingnut version of the Vatican. Not surprisingly, Breitbart and the twitterati embellished the story ever so slightly, making it sound like an enraged Michelle Obama had personally overpowered Pat Donahoe and made him eat the offending stamps.

Sadly, there is no evidence that the First Lady was ever even aware of the stamps’ existence, but it made for a good story!

Having appeared on such an authoritative site, our own site started attracting tons of wingnuts eager to post witty comments about Michelle Obama, political correctness,  and the Approach of the End Times.

But my favorite comment had to be this one:

15 hours ago

I’m completely shocked… There’s a website dedicated solely to “postal news” and stamps?

Yes, believe it or not, there is.

Read more: Postal Service Destroys ‘Just Move’ Stamps Over Safety Concerns | National Review Online.

  • KBK

    I don’t see any wingnuts over there. I see some people scornful of the nanny state. Do you think the stamps should have been destroyed?

    • postalnews

      Thanks for playing our game, KBK! You didn’t win our prize, but please enjoy your lovely parting gifts!

  • dl

    It sounds like The Onion.

  • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo

    I’m sure if it rained tomorrow, they would say that, too, was Obama’s fault!

    • Moe

      That the worst name I ever heard……………