A Message from APWU President-Elect Mark Dimondstein

dimondsteinAPWU President-Elect Mark Dimondstein has issued the following statement:

Greetings APWU Sisters and Brothers,

I am deeply honored to be elected by the membership to the office of APWU National President and greatly appreciate the many activists around the country that passionately worked for change and made this victory possible. This election victory belongs to the people.

I congratulate the fine candidates I ran with on the APWU Members First Team, most of whom also were given a strong vote of confidence by the membership, as well as congratulate all candidates who were re-elected to office.

I also join with many in our union family in thanking the outgoing officers for their years of service to the APWU.

The APWU membership has spoken decisively for a new direction in our union as we face the challenges of protecting our jobs, our retirement and our public postal service from the postal privatizers on Wall Street, in Congress and even in postal headquarters.

To be successful we will need maximum unity. I very much appreciate outgoing APWU President Cliff Guffey’s gracious statement: “I hope everyone will get behind the new administration. We have tough times ahead and we’re going to need unity.”

In this spirit of unity we look forward to working with all APWU members, our sister postal unions, the labor movement and the people of this country as together we stand up and fight back to win the best possible future for postal workers, our communities and working people.

Solidarity Forever!

Mark Dimondstein

APWU President-Elect

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  • herman

    Bla bla bla….

  • Happy Clerk

    Best of luck to the Members First Team as they try to pick up the pieces of a broken union Guffey and his “Leadership Team” left for them.

    • APWU Member

      YES!! We are behind the Members First Team as we re-organize and remove those that sold us out!! There also a number of locals out there who needs to remove the incumbents who mismanaged union funds and made deals under the table deals with management!! You know who you are so beware!! Don’t call this a union if you will back stab your own members!! Just quit quietly and leave it to those who really have a genuine love for this union, please!