Video: Fresno Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Away Mail About Obamacare

KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source

FRESNO, Calif. (KMPH) –

A Fresno mail carrier has been fired for throwing away mail. The United States Postal Service says the mailman admitted he threw away letters about “Obamacare.”

People who live at a Central Fresno apartment complex snapped pictures of the inside of the dumpster filled with mail about “Obamacare”. Witnesses say the mail was dumped in the garbage by their mailman.

“He just kept glancing over his shoulder over and over again. It was like he knew what he was doing was wrong,” said witness Jerry Dills.

Dills says he brought the mail that he found in the garbage to his local post office where he filed a formal complaint against the carrier.

Read more: Fresno Mail Carrier Fired For Throwing Away Mail About Obamacare – KMPH FOX 26 | Central San Joaquin Valley News Source.

  • Elvin Dice Babalato

    Another Bad Apple..

    • joe stutzman

      any carrier would and should be fired for throwing awy any mail.

  • Ron Belcher

    Another embarrassment… Way to go Rudy for squishing that bad apple too!

    • I Love Cardwell

      yea rudy, way to go with all that hard work you do at Cardwell. Where did you ever find the time.

  • TruthBeTold

    Where is my first comment????

  • CJ

    He deserves to be fired………….guy just lost a good paying job because of what he did. Mail is to be delivered regardless of what political views you may have. I’m glad it was brought to the attention of the Postal Service.

  • tonyt

    u mean its not a cca. regulars just as bad

  • Big Lou

    What about his worthless POS supervisor? Why doesn’t he or she get fired as well. No one should ever feel so threatened that they have to throw mail away or drive unsafely just to make 5 pm. Very poor judgement by the carrier though.

  • ja1

    Those are medicare guides.

  • MikeS

    Love how they can’t get even the basic facts correct. They were not letters they were flats. Specifically books about Medicare benefits, not Obamacare. These books have come out every year at this time for years.
    Temp carrier since August. Probably would have been fired for getting back late…got fired anyway. The boss probably gave him 10 hours work to do in 8.

    • checker

      Yup- don’t knoiw what the big stink is about- everyone throws mail away when they have too much.

  • No Future w/USPS until 2016

    Maybe if his union didn’t agree to a 6 dollar an hour pay cut to his salary on
    the last contract. He would of took his job a little more serious.
    Maybe the union should of tried to help out this Temp Carrier as much as
    they would of for a Regular Carrier that got caught stealing time and reading a
    customer magazine by the PM.

    I agree with MikeS they probably gave him a route and a half with coverage and told him to be back 8hrs.

    • common sense

      Since when do clerks deliver mail? The only union that “agree to a 6 dollar an hour pay cut” was the APWU. None of the other unions agreed to it- the arbitrators imposed the cuts on the other unions based on what APWU agreed to.

      • NALC Truth Finder

        When does a 6 dollar an hour pay cut to those without benefits and nothing taken from those with benefits ever ring true to a moderator making that decision. What financial sense does that make long term. Good try common sense, but apparently you were not the one affected by the union’s decision to not fight for a future for the existing TE’s and to only pad each others wallets. We all pay the same dues but the equality of representation is no where close to the same. Ask those who make 1000+ less every month while you plan your retirement.

  • me

    they should give him a raise

  • Route11

    MikeS got it right. Medicare flats still bundled & strapped shouldn’t have gone to street like that. Mine were in FSS.

  • Thanks for nothing NALC!

    No future till 16 is correct.
    The NALC agreed to a $6.04 an hour paycut for all existing T.E. Carriers and also made them reapply for their jobs to “THANK” them for all the years of hard work and payment of union dues. Maybe if the pay rate stayed the same the quality of carrier would be better. Agreed no one should throw away any mail at any time and rightfully should be fired on the spot but the fact is that if this carrier would have been a regular career carrier they would of had full union support and given a paid paper suspension.

    So to all of the regular carriers and the ptfs who have a guaranteed future the CCA carriers who pay their union dues and work these long days without any future or benefits thank you for paying attention to those that bail you out on a day to day basis.

    • common sense

      The only problem is that the NALC didn’t agree to a contract. An arbitration award based on the APWU contract is not the same as a negotiated contract.

  • MrPolarBear

    Any carrier who throws away mail is always fired. Union can not save their job. It is a federal offense. You will not find any carrier that was caught throwing away mail still working for the post office. I just love the idiots who clam the union can save their job. Look at the post of people blaming the union because they agreed the CCA’s pay cut. Trying to justify the temps action of throwing away mail. The fact is the pay cut was a given on the unions half so these CCA can have a future at the post office, Instead of hiring them for temporary work and then letting them go. The agreement was for them to be place on a register so they can have a career with the Post Office and be placed into a permanent position when one is available. The Union agreed to the pay cut in order to give them a career in the future. It’s a give and take thing.

    • Career -NEVER!

      Please tell me how in one hand you call someone a temp who was a cca and then say they pay cut was for a future at the post office and for cca’a to no longer be temps. That’s the kind of thinking that’ll make you union president someday. And just one other thing. Transitional employees were not casuals. That was a position to transition into a career employee. But how much has the NALC fought for that. As much as they did to grandfather in the TE’s that have invested years to be humiliated with a major pay cut. So thanks for the news brief guy and look at your pay stub today and all your sick hours, retirement benefits and medical care while the cca’s look at a much smaller check.

    • Jay

      that’s not always true, only will they get fired if their post master will do something about being told that the carrier is throwing away mail…some post masters just don’t care. Does not matter if it’s first class or flats or just weekly circulars if you don’t want to do your job then quit…

  • T

    No excuse for this. Unfortunately this guy was pressured by management to be back at a certain time. The consequence for not being back on time was hearing crap from the supervisor the next day. This is called Management Intimidation.
    Management wants 9 hours work done in 8 hours.