USPS to destroy “Just Move” stamps over safety concerns

JustMove-Forever-pane15-v3Linn’s Stamp News reports that the US Postal Service will destroy the entire press run of a stamp series aimed at getting children to be more active. According to Linn’s reporter Bill McAllister, three of the stamps in the fifteen stamp series raised safety concerns among sports figures on the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. The stamps in question depicted children performing a cannonball dive, skateboarding without kneepads, and doing a headstand without a helmet. The unsafe depictions came to light after USPS Marketing chief Nagisa Manabe asked Michelle Obama to take part in a first day ceremony for the stamps. That was apparently the first time the stamps had been reviewed by the Sports Council.

  • Nothing changes

    So how many millions did this newest mgt blunder cost the USPS ? Guess that’s why they get a bonus , that’s how the postal service attracts and keeps such top talent. But that’s the plan , waste money and destroy the hardest working govt agency

  • Typical

    USPS marketing chief Nagisa Manabe. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • LiamSkye

    When I was a kid I did cannonballs, skateboarded without kneepads or any other kind of pad, and did headstands without helmets. So did every other kid. We also rode bicycles without helmets and climbed trees without safety harnesses, ropes, and spotters. It is a wonder any of us are alive today.

    I wonder if the Inverted Jenny stamp sales shouldn’t be discontinued until the FAA safety inspectors are back on the job.

    • Skin Graft

      Lots of kids do stupid things- so we’re supposed to encourage them? Maybe you’d like a “playing with matches” stamp? After all, lots of kids survive house fires only partially disfigured! What’s a little reconstructive surgery? Just part of growing up, right?

      • LiamSkye

        Lots of adults do stupid things too – like engaging in irrational fantasy about imaginary risks. Does your irrational fear of everyday life lead you to imagine threats behind every bush? Have you consulted with Chicken Little about whether there is enough time left to worry about it anyway?

        Do you realize how ridiculous you appear when you try to equate doing a cannonball with playing with matches? It is peculiar that you become hysterical at the very mention of mundane youthful activities and have to start bellowing about mortal dangers that are not even remotely associated with them. I have yet to hear of a house fire caused by jumping in the swimming hole. You must have had an extraordinarily unhappy and repressed childhood. What a shame.

        • Saul Bellow

          Liam little buddy, calm down! I’m on your side! I agree! People get hysterical about things like kids getting paralyzed or burned to death- it’s so silly! C’mon folks, lighten up- if a few kids get crippled or killed, it’s no big deal- make more! It’s not like your house burned down, right?

          And please stop bellowing! Liam has very sensitive hearing, and I think you may have given him a little headache- he’s a bit irritable now, so please lower your voice, OK?

          OK kids- let’s all go jump in the river like Uncle Liam told us to!!

          • LiamSkye

            It’s those darn hearing aids I got from AARP!!!

      • Bob

        You’re an idiot.

  • Surprise!

    Even by their standards 12 of the 15 stamps in the series are OK.

    Why will a cash strapped agency destroy the 12 good stamps left if they are not intentionally wasting money?

    • Ben Franklin

      You do realize that the stamps aren’t actually worth 46 cents apiece unless they get put on sale, right? Right now they are just sheets of paper. Are you suggesting that the USPS pay people to peel off the 3 “bad” stamps from each sheet? Do you really think that would be more financially sound than just shredding them?

  • David Hinsdale

    Are you kidding me? Some kid is going without kneepads because he saw a stamp? Enough of the political correctness.

    • David Duke

      “Political correctness” is when neo-fascists get upset because they can’t call people “nigger” any more- what does that have to do with doing something stupid like skateboarding without kneepads?

      • David Hinsdale


        • David Duke

          Oh. Thanks for the explanation!

          • just me

            Politcial Correctness=avoiding something soley because someone may take offensive to it.
            I avoid words such as the one you posted, not to please other people’s political sensibilities, but because they are actually wrong. Someone might get offended that the post office is showing dangerous sports, so for the sake of politics they will destroy the stamps, that is totally about being politically correct. How is it not? They are attempting to avoid offending someone, in the meantime, I am pretty offended that they think I am an idiot who is going to decide to allow my kids to skateboard or not, with or without kneepads, based on a cute little stamp. I am also offended that they think they have to cater to the idiots who would do that.

    • maggiemaye

      This isn’t even political correctness. This is FEAR mongering!

  • Katherine Goode Denman

    wear a helmet while doing a headstand? Seriously?

    • yogi

      I was thinking the same thing myself, but then I thought who in their right mind would encourage a kid to do a headstand in the first place? I mean, there’s the obvious risk of injuring your neck- what’s the point?

      • just me

        So kids shouldn’t take gymnastics?

        • btomm

          correct – FAR too dangerous! These horrible activities will be dropped buy the summer olympics in coming years…

  • Ethan Lalla

    Lol this is rediculous, Those kids are better of “Moving” than living in your imaginary padded room. My parents let me skate without knee-pads, You will never become a good skater if you don’t know what it means to bail. This is simply removing needed support of active children in the United States. Americans seem to fear everything these days, even the deadly cannonball.

  • Karen Zwolinkiewicz

    as a window clerk,i can say this in truth… have no idea what a stamp is.

    • maggiemaye

      That was my thought…what kid pays attention to stamps?

  • Pudenda Shenanigans

    How about a ‘Let’s Move’ stamp only showing Michelle Obama’s Butt. That would get me to move!

  • dbt3481

    Since when do you wear a helmet in the pool? Are you kidding me?

    To err is human but it takes government to really screw things up…

  • Thomas Albert


  • Josh McNattin

    *head bang*

    • annon

      Caution, banging your head without a helmet could result in brain damage. Comment may be removed without proper disclaimer.

  • dv727


  • Frank D

    Maybe the government should fully shut down. And never reopen. Pure idiocy.

  • Sylvus

    Maybe they can come out with a stamp that promotes frivolous litigation. Parents will love it.

  • kcross19

    There is not a single detail here that’s not ridiculous and embarrassing, beginning with the fact that there even was a series of stamps “aimed at getting children to be more active” as if children could possibly be motivated by a postage stamp. That there are adults who believe that there should exist such a thing as a headstand helmet only makes it worse.

  • Ray

    This is from The Onion, right?

    Just more of the pussification of America.

  • GraceB

    Do they live in the same world where kids are doing death-defying moves on skateboards and bikes? Apparently, taking a fall or two doesn’t stop them from considering these things FUN.

    And how in the world is doing a *cannonball* a dangerous move? Boy, this is lame!

  • Tim Hampton

    And the post office wonders why they’re hemorrhaging money year after year…

  • Jake

    Why is there a need to print different pictures on stamps pick a ligo and stick with it !

    Ridiculous waste of money otherwise because the ultimately end up in tge trash.

  • David Taylor

    “headstand without a helmet” – I cannot even believe I read that in the list. Talk about nanny-state.

  • Gods of Ruin

    Utter ridiculousness at every level.

  • adamhs

    I can’t decide what’s more ridiculous. The USPS destroying these stamps or the “sports figures” on the council for pointing it out. For F’s sake get a sharpie and draw a helmet and knee pads on…

  • Guest

    Just keep them behind a TV with a video game console… make sure they are wearing full body armor suits and helmets in case someone throws a remote control. Because apparently doing anything outside these days is a safety risk and should be prohibited. See the school that prohibited students to use real footballs, baseballs or anything that is not made of Nerf during recess? Just can’t make this stuff up.

  • catsarecool

    Bubble wrapped children would make a good stamp. Just make sure the bubble wrap is BPA free.

    • Sam

      and no CO2 in the bubbles since it is a “pollutant”.

      • GEAH

        No exhaling, you polluter!

  • dfechter

    Thank god for the vigilance of the USPS and the President’s Council on Fitness! Otherwise the following horrifying situation might occur:
    1. A kid would see a stamp (odds of this happening: 1%)
    2. The kid would observe that the cartoon figure on the stamp-total surface area of 6 cm-is doing a cannonball, or possibly skateboarding without kneepads or doing a helmetless headstand (odds: 5%)
    3. The kid would try to emulate the cartoon figure (odds: 0.1%)
    4. The kid would suffer a tragic cannonball/skateboard/headstand mishap (odds: 0.001%)
    So you see, the USPS has saved kids from a 1% x 5% x 0.1% x 0.001% (do the math: that is 0.0000000005% – one in 200 billion) probability of doom!

    • I know how to read

      dfechter- you need to reread what took place. The USPS had nothing to do with the hault of printing. It was the government and their safety council that intervened which forced the USPS to comply.

    • Ben Yanke

      Ya know, if it only saves one life….

  • Michael

    There’s a kid hitting a baseball with no helmet, another climbing on a rock with no shoes, another playing soccer with no shin guards, and another climbing a rock with no shoes! I’m sure the basketball player isn’t wearing a mouth guard. And how high does that swing go? Is it over wood chips or sand? Or worse yet, grass?? I am glad the government is taking these examples of dangerous behavior out of our kids’ hands and keeping us all safe!!!!

  • Ted_Levy

    My child was so upset by this he began writing a letter to our Congressman. He didn’t get too far, though, since he goes to public school. In any case, I had to stop him due to risk of graphite poisoning…

  • Madmamma34

    Because it is cheaper to destroy stamps than to proof the artwork prior to going to “press”…This is why our government has such a problem it is run by people who don’t know how to run a business or know how to effectively run ANYthing.

    • JoBuNYC

      Let’s just slow down a minute. These mistakes happen at successful businesses all of the time. So, while there are plenty of inept bureaucrats operating our government, it’s not going to be improved by simply packing or replacing it with their corporate equivalents.

      • In the Mountains

        Jo, The problem isn’t that there was a “mistake”… implying that they weren’t reviewed prior to printing… the PROBLEM, is that the Gov’t actually proposes a HELMET for doing hand stands, a helmet isn’t enough when skateboarding but that kneepads are required, or that a kid can’t do a cannonball….
        THAT is the problem…

        • mutatron

          Yeah that’s a problem, but that’s not what Madmamma34 was talking about. Changing the subject is a classic ploy.

      • topherdude

        It would not be a successful business long if they spent capital to make something and then didn’t sell it, they would go out of business. But all the Federal government needs to do is raise more taxes to cover the loss.

        • Jay Michaels

          Stamps and the postal service receive precisely zero tax dollars.

          • Don

            That is true. So the USPS will raise postage again to pay for this stupid decision.

          • RJS

            The only reason the USPS runs a deficit is because it’s the only business required by Congress to prefund for 75 years its employees’ retirement benefits. But for this, something no reasonable business would impose on itself, the USPS would be running a profit.

  • johnnytoot

    Is the baseball player wearing a cup?

    • topherdude

      hard to tell The baseball player looks like a girl, but she isn’t wearing a helmet!

  • Justin Nelson

    There’s a sports council?

    • Rotary12

      Too much government oversight. They don’t want us doing anything unless it’s aproved by the safety nazis first.

  • CitizenEgg

    So the erotic asphyxiation series is probably gonna be a no-go I’m guessing.

    • Contrarian

      Only if they include a spotter and a safe word.

  • robert

    What about the stamp showing the kid jumping off the roof on to the trampoline into the swimming pool while doing a somersault. I loved that trick…

    • robert

      Oh, while your buddy tries to bean you with a tennis ball. Although, we never used a baseball. That wouldn’t have been safe.

    • disqus_fIbloGd1bA

      How about a stamp commemorating my kids game – sumo wrestling on the trampoline – the goal – knock everyone off the trampoline

  • GEAH

    What is unsafe about a cannonball?

    • Rusty Longwood

      If anything, it’s safer than diving arms/head first into a body of water if you don’t know how deep it is

    • topher

      The person doing the cannonball ate a sandwich less than 30 minutes ago.

  • Asuri Kinnes

    Cannot believe that this is even an issue.. What kind of a nation of pansies have we become?

    • Undecider

      That kind that believes in the war on terror and global warming.

  • Sam

    The most deadly stamp would depict a voter pressing the button/pulling the lever for Democrats down the line.

    • desurt trippur

      Are you kidding? Right wingers are the biggest nannies of all. They want total freedom,but what you can do with your body in your bedroom must be strictly regulated.

  • citizen paul

    Are these stamps commemorating the Nanny State Participation Olympics? Does everyone get a gold medal, too?

  • nerdalert

    I’m completely shocked… There’s a website dedicated solely to “postal news” and stamps?

    • Annieo

      Yes, and there has been for years. There are still some people who love to collect stamps. At one time stamp collecting was the biggest money maker for the Postal Service’ People bought thousands of stamps that were never used. Just put in a drawer.

      • Ben Franklin

        And beyond that, the USPS is the second largest civilian employer after Wal-Mart. Which makes it the largest civilian employer that pays most of its employees a living wage. So it shouldn’t really be a big surprise that there is a web site dedicated solely to “postal news”. There are tons of web sites dedicated to tiny niche groups like, oh, say libertarian geeks for example. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that some sites cater to large groups of middle class working people- like postal workers and people in the postal industry.

        • Andrew

          Why must you inject your “living wage” bullshit into the discussion? If the people who make a wage don’t like it, then they are welcome to start their own business or go get a job elsewhere. Try as you might to complicate it…it really is that simple.

  • Rotary12

    We did all of those “unsafe” sports when I was a kids and we’re all still here. What’s the problem?

    • Bugs

      Well, if you’re still alive and not crippled, none I guess. What- you want a medal or something? Hey- here’s an idea to vent your outrage- RUN WITH SCISSORS! That will show them!

  • mrGeek

    Soon the government will issue mandatory helmets for use when not sitting. Seriously?? Idk why, this kind of scrutiny will only cause people to find a base to sue the government whenever they trip…

  • Bree

    riight…. and breakdancers do all their moves without any safety gear at all. it’s not unsafe to do cannonballs, it’s not unsafe to do headstands without a helmet (it’s actually more unsafe because the helmet is slippery on top and could slip out from supporting in the center if worn in a headstand) skateboarding inherently is not the safest of activities and your knee skin is the least of your concerns.

  • Byrum Blobshittle

    I was the original Extreme Bicyclist back in the 60s. I would ride my bike through anything and jump it over anything that was in my way. I was a prepubescent Evel Knievel who had no fear. Gee whiz, DUMBOCRAT MORONS, how is it that I survived all those crazy stunts without padding or a helmet? I dumped my bike a few times and even suffered a broken arm once when my front tire popped off in the middle of a jump. Few things are more disheartening than seeing your front tire roll off ahead of you when you are 5 feet off the ground and you know that you will soon be having a face-to-face discussion with some really hard asphalt! ๐Ÿ™‚ By YOUR theories, I should have been dead a dozen times over. GUESS WHAT DIPSHITS—I’M STILL ALIVE AND KICKING! What a bunch of Libtard, Nanny-State-Loving TOOLS!

    • Mojo

      You must have an incredibly small penis

      • Undecider

        That’s an intelligent response.

    • nerdalert

      You’re Gary Fisher?

    • RJS

      From your post, I gather that you hit your head a lot.

      • Undecider

        No, he just didn’t need government to tuck him in at night.

    • Jeff Williams

      Did they say that Democrats made the decision? I don’t remember that part.

    • SSSS

      yeah and im da king of oogily boogily land

    • The Professor

      Still alive, and clearly your prepubescence has survived unchanged.

  • nerdalert

    Don’t you people realize it’s not because it’s a “nanny state,” it’s because we’re an “attorney-state.”

    Some kid hits his head on the side of a pool. An attorney gets a hold of his parents, and tells them the kid probably got the idea from a postage stamp. Then the attorney tells them they can and should sue the government/post office.

    And because so many people will do what someone in a position of authority tells them to do, they agree.

    It’s sad, but it’s fiscally responsible for the post office to protect itself from law suits. You’re welcome, taxpayers.

  • StallChaser

    Step 1: Collect up all the stamps to be destroyed.
    Step 2: Hold onto a few.
    Step 3: Wait a few years.
    Step 4: leave a couple out where they’ll be discovered by someone who knows what they are.
    Step 5: Wait a few more years for them to go up in value some more.
    Step 6: Profit!

  • ipgrunt

    Who are these “sports figures” on the safety council?

  • Tal

    Are you kidding me? How pathetic is this? It’s idiots like this that are helping kids to fail later on in life. I suggest firing all these morons and save a lot of money, because obviously they are clueless to what they are doing in their job as the postal service as it’s losing tons of money every year.

  • lmd

    This is ridiculous. Maybe we should just put our kids in bubbles, never let them experience life or have fun. This is one piece of a larger movement that makes the younger generation less able to think, make decisions or have any personal reference points. I’m glad we have the freedom to raise kids differently than what is recommended. I expect my kids to be able to more and do more with their lives.

    • Frank Anne

      A prescient warning!

      First they came for the stamps and I did nothing for I had no mail…

  • A pissed off young adult

    This is a damn joke. Kid’s these days are being forced to live in fear of everything that could ever possibly harm them. They are being robbed of a real life. Robbed of a learning opportunity. So what? Jump into the damn pool. So what? Learn that skateboarding without knee pads is a bad idea. So what? Let the kid do a head stand. Kid’s will be kids and the media needs to stop convincing parents to rob them of that. It’s getting to be extremely ridiculous. It’s sickening. People need to calm the down and let kids BE KIDS!

  • mm

    /. .


  • Mobynowak

    Want to get to the root of this silliness? Just look at which end of the political spectrum endorses this absurdity. Nanny-state coddling and superfluous regulation of life to the point of removing the joy from it.

    Is anyone else outraged at the obvious under-representation of people of color in these stamps? Why did they need to make the basketball player black? Racist stereotypes are dividing this country. Well, it’s a good thing they referred to the activity associated with baseball as “bat” rather than “hit”. That could have provoked a school lock down somewhere or inspired the bullying of someone.

  • Ingsoc

    This nation is losing its marbles. Expect more of this Obamabots. This is the cost of involving government in every aspect of your life.

  • David Taylor

    Oh Jeez.. did 100’s if not 1000’s cannon balls, skateboarded never used knee pads or any other pad for that matter. and head stands what helmet.. never got hurt neither did any of my friends.

    I wonder how many children get mail with stamps on them that they would see the stamp.

    • Jeff Williams

      I was gonna say, how many kids use stamps?

  • StuCozza

    Little kids are trained to be afraid of everything, then they get older and become teenage children, then they are still children into their twenties, by which time they have already bred.

  • Brenda Cooper

    Really!?!?!?!? Let kids be kids…I have never seen a child/anyone doing a headstand with a helmet. What fun it is for a child to do a cannon ball dive!!! SPLASH! Too many fearful children are growing up to be fearful adults…let kids have fun!

  • Katie Sterling

    When moms run the world, there will be no more bb guns.

    What a rotten world it will be.

  • J. Camel


    -Joe Camel

  • Chip Perretta

    Another example of the sissification of our young people….No one will fight a JUST WAR, against a Hitler, or a Bin Laden, They will just say I can’t…let’s talk….As we get slaughtered. And I mean that as Louise is a slaughterer.

  • Vlad Rutenburg

    When will they finally make divers wear kneepads and helmets?

  • Denise Debri

    The world has gone completely insane

  • JT B

    The first thing to do is kill all the lawyers.

  • awakepatriot

    Mandatory [breathable] bubble wrap for all children! New campaign – “Let’s Not Move, Lest We Get Hurt”

    • Dr Kervorkian

      Why breathable? Wouldn’t that just prolong the danger?

  • Jhomas Tefferson

    keep the stamps. Get rid of the post office

    • Marie


  • Jeff Williams

    You have to be kidding me!? I just read that some school in NJ banned balls from recess because kids might get hurt by them. My daughter wouldn’t let my grand daughter even taste her own birthday cake for her first birthday because she is not allowed to have sugar. What the heck is the point of life if you can’t even have fun because you are afraid you might get hurt?

    • Ben Franklin

      It sounds like the problem is with your daughter, not the postal service, don’t you think?

      • Hendo337

        Go to you’re closet, autoerotic asphyxiate and kick the stool across the room.

  • Rachael Lauritzen

    This is silly. Keep the stamps and let people exercise their common sense.

  • Zenster

    My God, we make our boys into wusses and then neurotic women write books called “The End of Men” and “How to Teach Your Boy to Be A Man” according to a neurotic woman.

    I grew up in Brooklyn and we built our own Go Karts and crashed them in to each other on purpose – and as Ray Liotta said in Goodfellas: “sooner or later everyone has to take a beating”
    and guess what?
    We became men who were strong enough to be gentle AND no one would dare f**k with us

    • Menster

      Let me guess- you’re all well-adjusted strong gentle homosexuals now? Who get f**ked regularly?

      How sweet!

      • Rachel

        Thumbs down, Menster. Notice that this wasn’t a pro-homophobic discussion. ๐Ÿ™

    • Thomas Simmons

      Right on Zenster. 100% Right.

      • UberUber

        sandvich om nom nom om nom sandvich good

  • David Richardson

    When I hurt my back, it was a normal dive, not a cannonball. When I hurt my neck, my helmet slipped on a hard surface, not during a normal headstand. My experiences contradict the concerns discussed here.

    • Richard Davidson

      Well that settles it! The world has been waiting to find out whether or not David Richardson’s experiences coincide with the concerns mentioned in this story. Now we know, and our long national nightmare is over.

      • David Richardson

        Actually, no sport is safe. We should never encourage any child to engage in any sport.

  • Fatrice Manimbo

    Who uses more than 2 stamps a year, and of those, who actually looks at them?!

  • Dave Morris

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Olympic Gymnastics team practicing without helmets. I mean, we must PROTECT THE CHEEEEEEEELDREN!!!!

  • Dave Morris

    What is the total cost to taxpayers of this waste?

    • common sense

      Zero. The USPS doesn’t receive any money from the taxpayers.

      As far as how much it cost postal customers, it depends on how many stamps get shredded. Stamps that don’t get put on sale are only worth the paper and ink used to print them, so the actual dollar loss to postal customers is minimal.

      • Farm Fresh

        Not true. The USPS gets about $96 million every year from the taxpayers. But I’m sure the production and then distruction of the stamps probably doesn’t come from that.

        • common sense

          You’re wrong. As I said, the USPS does not get any money from the taxpayers. The USPS does get paid for service it provides, like free mail for the blind, franked mail, etc. But that’s no different from the government paying UPS or FedEx for services they provide.

    • UberUber

      your mom

  • Dog

    Finally……at last the country has hit rock bottom and is totally in the sewer!!

  • Thomas Simmons

    This decision is pure idiocy. Period.

  • MichaelDSmith

    If liberals would just dive into the deep end without water while in college, this sort of thing wouldn’t happen in the first place.

    • Andrew

      This is the greatest comment in the history of Internet communications…down with liberals…seriously…

      • UberUber


  • UberUber


  • Doug Ison

    The head of this decision had to be some liberal leftwing woman and if she has children I really feel sorry for them… she better put them in a cave and never let them see the light of day. It’s a dangerous world out there and they might get hurt or worse go to the pool and do a cannonball.

  • Faith Popcorn ยฎ

    I could have predicted this!

  • Is it just me?

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned that the cannonball child is apparently wearing a breech cloth, has flippers for feet and no face.

    • American voter

      Who ever looks at the stamps they stick on envelopes anyway?

  • Kat Rollins-James

    The water depicted looks like a cartoon snake and the kid is going in for the squash. YIKES! It’s an underlying message to promote animal cruelty! How did they miss this? This is more scandalous than backmasking record albums in the 80s to hear satanic messages! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jpg999coins

    ware could I get them

  • jpg999coins

    collect them

    • yeayfun

      i’m going to collect heads.

      of state.

  • John Morgan

    This is an embarrassing and ridiculous decision. No wonder we’re all turning into a nation of boring couch potatoes. Go out and do something a little bit dangerous to protest today!

  • Semper Fi

    lol, I did all these things and survived, My children did all these things and survived, my grand children are now doing these things and guess what no injuries yet. Let kids be kids and have fun! If you wrap them up in bubble wrap and try to protect them from everything how are they ever to develop that sense of independence, confidence, self pride, awareness of their abilities & limitations etc etc that we as parents want to encourage in them? Bottom line protect your kids from the actually dangerous things and let them play and be the kids they are supposed to be. Adulthood comes to fast- don’t make your children neurotic by protecting them from their own childhood

    • moop

      Id say that if you rollerblade, you need some protection,… Falling while on rollerblades really, really hurts…

  • Roa G

    Really how stupid are people.Children don’t get mail anymore and they barely know what it is. What a waste of money.

  • Surprise!

    Oh, my goodness.

    Head stands with out helmets.

    How are we going to protect the cheer leaders?

    • Jess Sayin

      Tell them to cross their legs?

      • milton


  • DerKommissar

    I saw a kid riding a bicycle this afternoon. He wasn’t wearing a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, a safety jacket, goggles, a safety jacket and to top it all if he didnt have a siren to alert people who may be in the area. Of course, I called child protective services so his parents could be arrested. Are you F’n kidding me? It’s shat like this that make we want to pack up everything I own and get the heck out of this place. We are heading in an entirely wrong direction.

    • Mitt Romney

      The Power of Stamps! Maybe it’s just what we need to get all the wingnuts to self-deport!

    • bill

      yeah! and I saw a cowboy the other day wearing just jeans, a flanel shirt, and a cowboy hat! He should be sued for giving kids a dangerous idea!

      …..not! What is wrong with this world?? They’re just trying to show kids that they should be outside, and can have fun doing it!

  • ker

    More stupid waste…..and we wonder why Africa starves???ASK MOOSHELLE….McDonalds throws enough food away every day to feed all of Africa because of what?

    • Gretchen Carlson

      You’ve really opened my eyes! I had no idea that Michelle Obama and the US Postal Service were conspiring to make sure that McDonalds would be prevented from shipping their garbage to Africa where children are depending on it for their very survival!

      • crrrock

        you’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you Gretchen :/

        • Gretchen Carlson

          There is nothing stupid about defending African children from being deprived of our exceptional American garbage! You miust be a socialist mooslim. How dare you question my God given Second Amendment Rights!

  • a_mountain_man

    It’s only a picture. The cartoon figures can’t get hurt. If there is a safety concern, use as a teaching aide to explain the unsafe behavior. Meanwhile stop raising taxes, that is unsafe for my blood pressure.

    • American voter

      I keep telling everyone what you just told a nation! They’re cartoons!!

  • crrrock

    no wonder the postal service is broke. Idiots.

  • BillB

    Why…I am 64 and did all of those things…who asked for this nanny state, and what sort of kids are we raising…its no wonder there are so many deviants…

  • Hahahahaha

    Seriously? This coming from a country who, in Iowa, has allowed blind people to carry firearms in public.

  • Johnbuk

    Stop press : being born is fatal.
    Government to order an enquiry.

  • Suzy792

    OMG! We were made wash n wear and in most cases self repairing! Get over it!!!!!!! Let our kids be kids!!!!!!!!!

  • WBC

    Moochelle Obumbod should be made to pay for the entire cost from her own pocket.

  • Ronald Touchet

    This is just a small example of how pathetic we have become. Good job.

  • American voter

    Since when does the ‘wife of the president’ have any power over the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE?

    I spent my hour and a half wait time on the phone, complaining; only to have the operator tell me She (Latoya) had not even heard of this issue. After holding for over an hour, she disconnected me!!!

    • common sense

      I give up! Since when?

      The article doesn’t say anything about the ‘wife of the president’ having any power over the USPS. It says that when she was invited to participate in the issuance ceremony, the stamps were reviewed by fitness experts, who had concerns about some of the illustrations.

      Sounds pretty boring to me, but then I’m not one of you tea-bagger outrage queens who ride around in your government subsidized fat people golf carts whining.about government spending.

    • common sense

      Oh! Just realized I forgot to ask- who the hell is “Latoya”, and why was she holding you for an hour?? When you say “she disconnected me”, is that a euphemism? Hmmmmm??

  • aml

    united states stamps is a business is NOT for a collector is not about history is only about money. does u.s..a have any history on stamps or let say just money

  • aml

    the rich have money and do what ever they can buy but the rich and the poor ending up in a hole, but everthing else stays above ground. [ burial site ]

  • Richard Winchester

    Will they burn all the bullshit health care crap too?

  • anposter

    Children who do headstands without helmets should be taken out and shot. For their own protection, of course.

    • bill

      ummm…. ur sick