Viral letter carrier vs lawn video was shot in Lagrange GA

According to a story on Mediaite, the infamous video of the letter carrier driving across a customer’s lawn to deliver a package was recorded in Lagrange Georgia:

When this United States Postal Worker delivered a package to a home in LaGrange, Georgia recently, chances are she didn’t know she was being taped. If she had, she certainly would not have driven all the way across the front lawn to the door to deliver the small package.

According to resident Mark Anderson, who had installed a security camera to check on his disabled mother, the package in question weighed just two pounds, three ounces. “There was no meteorological” reason, he said, that she needed to get that close to his front door to deliver it. “I don’t want someone to lose their job with the way things are these days, but she shouldn’t have done that,” he said. “Whatever it is that happens, I hope she isn’t terminated.”

Read more: WATCH: Laziest Postal Worker Ever Caught on Tape | Mediaite.

  • Ernest Spoon

    Did you dopes notice she was not wearing a letter carrier’s uniform! Therefore she was either a rural route carrier driving an LLV in a suburb or one of these scab-carriers management has been using in its pathetic attempt to bust the NALC.

    And by the way, “meteorological”? What does the weather have to do with anything?

    • TruthBeTold

      Well, YOU DOPE, by meteorological he was saying there was nothing bad going on with the weather such as a storm going on so thats not a reason as far as driving across his lawn, DUHHHHHHHH!!! Second whether rural or not her big azz should have mounted at the curb or driveway and delivered the package on foot but obviously we SEEn that was not happening!!!! Fire her and get someone who can follow safety rules!!!

      • Ernest Spoon

        You know what? If this gal is one of those scab CCAs and new to the job then perhaps management TOLD her to NEVER DISMOUNT on a mounted route? Did you think about that? Typical postal management.

        • 16 down 14 to go

          I doubt that. It was laziness. Pure and simple. I don’t care what she is… rural, city, cca, ptf, rca, or what… she has no integrity, and that is what we stand for. Period. The rest of us will have even more rules set forth because of idiots who do things like this.

          • danie828


    • Donn Durham

      How about the fact that she didn’t buckle her seatbelt before backing out? Definitely a no-no.

    • WmNoelle Patton

      I wouldn’t trade my CCA for 10 FTR’s or PTF’s. He’s the best carrier I have worked with in my 15 years.

      • Ernest Spoon

        You must be a supervisor.

      • FTR

        That b cause he needs to keep a job but for $10 an hour you run the hell of him 2 routes in 1 day!

    • common sense

      “one of these scab-carriers”? I assume you’re talking about CCA’s? What makes them scabs? Scabs are freeloaders who enjoy the benefits the union has won without contributing. There are veteran full time career carriers who are scabs. If you were looking for a job right now are you saying you would refuse a CCA job on moral grounds, because it would make you a scab? How did you come up with that idea?

      The majority of the people I started with at the USPS 35 years ago were originally casuals. Does that make them scabs too in your little world?

      • Burt Lancaster

        Yeah, scab carriers? How do you know she’s NOT union? I wish the USPS would get around to making the 3 CCAs regulars at our station, they’ve earned it…

    • Bob Komar

      who cares what she wore SHE IS A DOPE!

  • Bill Garbe

    lazy bitch. hopefully she got fired! makes all of us look bad.

  • John Riley

    Fire the lazy bitch!

  • BobOfArslan

    I know YOU don’t want her fired Mr. Anderson, but those of us letter carriers who have enough respect for our customers and our job want her fired. She is a disgrace to the USPS and letter carriers everywhere.

    • lyndie52

      I totally agree. After working as a rural carrier for 32 years, this story is an embarassment too carriers who take the time to do the job properly. Most carriers would never consider doing this.

    • 16 down 14 to go


    • danie828

      Agreed!!!!!! As if she doesn’t need to walk!!

  • buckeye196899 .

    Rural carrier. Didn’t look like she pulled the key or shut the vehicle off either

  • bigtime


  • 10 yrs@ PO & 27 yrs in Corps

    Looks like she doesn’t miss to many meals! If she could walk 15 – 20 feet she wouldn’t be a food blister. Her next job should be as a beach ball. Just one second about thinking how wrong this is would be called common sense.

  • 16 down, 14 to go

    Never set the park brake, never even turned the engine off. Those alone are firing offenses, without the lawn issue. Never, EVER would I chunk a customer’s parcel the way she did. She has no respect for what we stand for.

    • Roma Montiel

      Also didn’t put her seatbelt back on
      Took more effort to drive up than just to get off vehicle & deliver parcels.
      The customer did say tho that he has 4 great danes, maybe reason for not approaching, tho if that were the case carrier should have not approached at all

      • danie828

        Exactly! If I see a carrier alert card that states 4 great Danes, I shake my keys and listen out. But she can’t get around the fact that she backed up first of all and didn’t have a seat belt on. She’s done!

  • Burt Lancaster

    Rural or CCA? No uniform. The tossing of the package isn’t as bad as pulling up on the front yard with the LLV. Make her a 204B.

  • tb

    Not withstanding the safety issues, maybe there was a vicious looking dog on property that a little can of mace wouldn’t handle.

  • A city carrier

    That’s why they don’t have postal uniforms, they don’t truly represent the u.s.p.s.

    • CCAs are EVIL!!!!

      But the uniform wearing career city carriers in Philadelphia who were caught chugging down beers in their mail trucks DO truly represent the USPS?

      • trentsgran

        And what about the CITY CARRIER caught on tape dismounting at a gas station/convenience store a couple of years ago? Engine running and the LLV rolled away and circled out into the street and back into the parking lot? Don’t even pretend like city carriers are better than rural carries!!!!

        • A city carrier

          A city carrier knows that our revenue now is from packages we take pride in our profit , and plus this had to be rural carrier cause city carriers get paid by the hour we got time to walk too the door!

        • Bob Komar


        • pipios

          yeah just blame al the city carriers for what some douchebags did

      • Bob Komar

        the percentage of DOPES who act like this is SO SMALL! REPORT the THOUSANDS OF LIFE SAVING,KIND acts to the ELDERLY and so on and so on THAT LETTER CARRIERS PERFORM DAILY!

  • IIlIIl111

    Not too bright either……………….2 big tire tracks across the lawn, with the mail sitting on the porch as Exhibit A. And the worst thing is that Tea Bags from coast to coast are using this video as
    “proof” of how “lazy” Postal Workers in particular, and federal workers in general, are……………..

    • IIIIIII222

      I can think of may times I’ve seen private industry workers being lazy (Wal-Mart, Dick’s Sporting goods, etc….). I know for a fact “bad apples” are and always will be present at any large organized work place. Stop bringing your political comments to this incident….. And yes for the record she should be fired along with all the other morons out there.

  • danie828

    No seat belt, backing her vehicle without a spotter, driving on the lawn, throwing a customers package, she should be terminated! These are violations that she very well knows about! As a letter carrier, I’m embarrassed! Smdh!

    • retired 44

      @danie828…A dumb thing to do, but look again, she was wearing a seat belt…

      • danie828

        When she backed up, she didn’t have her seat-belt on.

    • Shain Ball

      She isn’t required to have a spotter to back up. We are all allowed to back up as long as you are not backing down the street or INTO the street. You may back into a driveway but not the road.

      You are correct though. She didn’t buckle back up, AND she only had her lap belt on to begin with. You’re only allowed to have your shoulder belt undone if you are traveling less than 50ft in between each mail box.

  • Frit

    This video has over 2 millions view and PMG video on the future of the post office 6 thousand we might be looking at our new postmaster general!

  • Salty Lakey

    It looks bad BUT…. What you don’t know is if the resident (disabled mother) suggested the carrier drive up to make deliveries. As a carrier, our patrons often offer to make our job easier (e.g., turn around in our driveway; deliver on the car seat instead of the box during a rainstorm (keeping both mail and carrier less wet), drive up the driveway for easier access to the neighbors mailbox). I would ask the disabled mother if she has a problem with her driving on the walk like that. Although there were several postal regulations violated it would not surprise me if the carrier did not make the decision to drive up to the walk on her own. I recall when my relative had to be taken to the doctor the ambulance transport drove as close to the door as possible to minimize the distance in a wheelchair and eventually a rolling bed. Perhaps (I am guessing) the resident requires special transportation and having a vehicle on the grass near the door has been done before.

    • danie828

      The son is the one who posted the video. He said he was appalled at her actions for tossing the package, driving on the lawn, etc. I am a letter carrier as well, I drive a 2 ton and I know as well as any carrier, you can’t drive across someone’s lawn. She backed up without putting her seat-belt on. She backed up..These are things that we all know if we’re caught by management, we would be issued a PDI and or EP (letter for removal) in her case if the manager were in that “mood” We all like to help our customers, especially disabled ones, but doing things like this, she was not benefiting the customer. Violations like these are bad enough, but to be caught on camera, then plastered all over the internet, that station is forced to take action, even if they didn’t want to.

    • common sense

      You’re absolutely right! We don’t know any of that- and based on the son’s comments, none of that is true. You do realize that this is a letter carrier in an LLV, not an EMT in an ambulance, right? And what would the customer’s “special needs” have to do with wanting the carrier to drive her truck across the lawn?

  • alwaysL84U

    I think she was late for her lunch date at the all you can eat buffet at the Pizza Ranch!

  • WindowClerk

    This person posing as a letter carrier should be fired immediately!!