Former APWU President Bill Burrus shutting down his blog

Former APWU President Bill Burrus, who has been unrelenting in his criticism of his successor, and the contract he negotiated with the US Postal Service, has announced that he will stop posting on his blog,, as of Saturday, just two days before the deadline for APWU members to cast their votes in the union’s national leadership election:

Notwithstanding the outcome of the APWU election of officers, views and opinions on this website will be terminated on October 5, 2013.

Whether you have agreed or disagreed with my points, I have voiced my opinions and thank you for your input. Debate and dialogue are the necessary requirements of democracy and consistent with my service to improve conditions for all postal employees I have passionately opposed the allocation of rights and benefits based on the date of hire. I wish you well.

Read more: Burrus Journal | Viewpoint.

  • guest

    another voice shut down – the powers that be do not tolerate dissent

    • sLiM_mC_sHaDy


    • Cliff Guffey

      How do you figure? What do “the powers that be” have to do with Burrus shutting down his blog? Are you saying that the current leadership of the APWU runs the Internet?

      So I imagine they’ll be coming for you and slim next?

  • MVS Man

    Hopefully,the APWU members have woken up and will vote Goofy and his sellout lackeys in the “Leadership Team” out before they do more damage to postal workers in the next contract and there will be no need for Burrus to keep a critical eye on them through his blog.

    • Roland Petit

      Mark Dimonstein as the new APWU national president is a definite plus for the membership. Mark Dimonstein’s high integrity is keynote.

  • Verowerd

    Thank goodness! At last, this guy will finally move on! Holy Cow! He’s got the biggest case of sour grapes I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I know, I know. He’s looking out for us. He’s pained to see so many years of effort squandered away. BS ! ! He can tell himself, and his family that. But look. He’s just bummed out that he got kicked to the curb. He had some great years, when he was in charge of the APWU gravy train. And then it ended. That’s it. The rest is pure BS. Maybe now he will create a future for himself, instead of endlessly focusing on the past. Or his past..

  • Roland Petit

    Amen, five times over………..

  • 2nd amendment vs evil govt

    this guy was moe biller’s token affirmative action wonder. all he ever got was a 1% yearly raise for the workers, while he lined his own pockets and partied in Las Vegas……good riddance to this loser. anytime you said anything about his salary or other perks….he would delete your post. just an old fellow traveler of communist party usa, in my correct opinion!