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GOP shutdown closes PRC

From the Postal Regulatory Commission web site:

October 01, 2013

The Commission is closed until such time as an FY 2014 appropriation or a continuing resolution for the Commission has been approved. During the shutdown, the Commission’s Docket section will not be operational. However, filings may be submitted. All filings submitted during the shutdown will be processed and posted to the Commission’s website when the Commission resumes normal operations. The Commission recognizes that procedural schedules including filing dates may have to be adjusted as a result of a shut down. Motions requesting such procedural relief should be filed promptly after normal operations resume. Shoshana Grove Secretary and Chief Administrative Officer Postal Regulatory Commission 901 New York Avenue N.W. Suite 200 Washington, D.C. 20268-0001 Telephone: 202-789-6842 Fax: 202-789-6891

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  • Connie

    Absurd. Funding comes from the USPS so the PRC should stay open.

    • JY

      Actually, they’re not. The PRC was formed in 1970 which at the time USPS was funded by the government. When USPS became self funding, the PRC funding methods were not changed. They are still funded by the federal government. Even the OIG is not funded by USPS.

      • Connie

        Still nonsense. Never heard such jabberwocky.

        • JY

          A little research never hurts anyone.

          • Connie

            Why should we argue if the PRC thinks they are not essential? Many agree with that.

      • postalnews

        Both the PRC and the OIG are paid for out of USPS revenues. But both are required to have those funds appropriated by Congress.

        • JY

          Would you be so kind as to citing the source? I tried to find it and I seem to find different information than you.

          • postalnews

            I cited the source in my comment- the PAEA law. You can find it online in many locations, including the PRC web site at

            And what is your source?

          • postalnews

            There is a further GAO decision that specifically refers to the OIG that states “OIG should work with Congress to obtain a provision in the
            continuing resolution to ensure continued funding of OIG operations. Finally, USPS may not augment OIG’s
            appropriations with additional money from the Postal Service Fund.”

            You’ll find that at

    • postalnews

      You’re correct, but I believe the problem is that even though the money comes from the USPS, it still has to be appropriated by Congress. From PAEA:

      “There are authorized to be appropriated, out of the Postal
      Service Fund, such sums as may be necessary for the Postal Regulatory Commission. In requesting an appropriation under this subsection for a fiscal year, the Commission shall prepare and submit to the Congress under section 2009 a budget of the Commission’s
      expenses, including expenses for facilities, supplies, compensation, and employee benefits.”

      So the PRC has to submit a request, and Congress has to approve it, before they get their money.

  • fedupwithlyingscum

    why is the headline GOP shutdown? Harry Reid and the SOB in the White House refused to make a compromise, not the GOP!!