• You won’t let me

    Not a word about making the big mailers pay their way. Raise first class , destroy employees health care benefits, go to 5 day delivery , increase the pricing on Overnight and Priotity services but not a peep about the 14-18 billion in subsidies to the mailing industry . Of corse not , they get the politicians elected .!

  • Celtic

    Maybe Donewhore should have our employee insurance as well

  • Rdimer

    46 Billion in healthcare fund Ytd, major advertising on TV, cash strapped ???

  • Geneva

    Lies, Lies and more Lies. Duh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    How about the millions being spent on VOE and mystery shopper!

  • JY

    This gentleman loves crying wolf.

  • postal29yr

    I’ll wait to see if they actually get rid of any management(eas) with an rif. If they actually get rid of ANY of that dead weight…..then I’ll believe maybe we can save the postal service!

  • stromie2

    To leave FEHB program, they would have to eliminate any 10% penalty for not enrolling in Medicare when eligible. Mr. Donohoe should have to go into his health plan if he wants the employees to be in it.

  • Ben Dover

    Why does PMG Downahole exempt himself and his senior executive cronies from the postal health plan he is trying to ram down employee throats? Why keep FEHB if your postal health plan is better? Fraud.
    Why are PMG Downahole and his cronies raking in $100K+ annually in deferred compensation on top of his regular salary? Fraud.
    Because he is a pig at the compensation trough trying to get his fill while he screws employees trying to keep their heads above water with a basic middle class wage.

    • Ronnie

      Same reason Congress and the POTUS exempt themselves…obabycare is being forced down everyone’s throat too…

  • Wake up

    If they manage to get current employees & retirees out of fed benefits once they bankrupt the USPS they will say like when any “company” goes bankrupt you lost all your former benefits! Naturally top postal mgt doesn’t want to lose their benefits as their objective is to dismantle and destroy the postal service . They will not go down with the ship

  • Kurt Heubusch

    prices are low as the USPS is a service to the country, for all to afford, not a moneymaker, such as UPS. PMG really is bent on taking away the fehb from the workers and implementing his own healthplan.smaller networks, providers, less cost. have to give ms. francis credit there for as much as PMG was pushing 8 billion savings in health care, she didn`t seem to want to include that idea in her save the USPS. I still think the USPS should sell tickets to sports, concerts , fishing liscenses in the lobby. I think the hallmark cards in the lobby is a great idea, but like ms. francis says about the stamps at home, who knows!packages are the now though, and the usps is just getting involved.they need to be able to offer better prices for package delivery in bulk.