USPS to spend $42 million to remodel Houston P&DC

From a Korte Company press release:

The Korte Company has been selected by the USPS to Design-Build a $42 million facility in Houston, Texas. The renovation (713,000 square feet) and expansion (319,000 square feet) will consist of remodel and addition of office spaces, workroom floors, dock areas, business mail entry area, site development and parking areas.

The Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC), located at 4600 Aldine Bender Road in Houston, marks the 42nd project The Korte Company has successfully delivered to the United States Postal Service.

The expansion will add approximately 319,000 square feet to the existing building through the construction of load bearing site-cast tilt-up concrete exterior wall panels. These design enhancements will provide a more open floor plan, and will also provide an additional layer of flexibility to accommodate future needs.


  • Tired of the BS and LIES!!

    Yeah the USPS is hurting so bad…..What the heck ever! Tired of hearing about how much they are losing money and then try to get us to sell, sell, sell, their products only to stab us in the back and further (hurt) themselves by spending 42 million dollars. What a jackass move.