Nemec named Consumer and Industry Affairs VP

From USPS News Link:

nemecPMG Pat Donahoe has announced the selection of Jim Nemec as vice president, Consumer and Industry Affairs (CIA).

In his new position, Nemec will manage customer support for USPS, from small business or individual consumers to large corporations and commercial mailers. He will manage relationships with the mailing industry and find practical solutions and simpler ways for customers to work with USPS, thereby encouraging growth in the mailing industry. He also will oversee the Office of the Consumer Advocate.

“Jim’s vast experience in customer relations will serve us well as we continue to make our customers the focus of everything we do,” said Donahoe.

Nemec, a 28-year veteran at USPS, began his career as a mail handler in Lancaster, PA. He is a former district manager, senior plant manager, and once served as the Baltimore Postmaster. Prior to his appointment as CIA VP, he served as the Operations Support manager for Capital Metro Area.

A recipient of the Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Operating Office award, Nemec holds degrees from Pennsylvania State University and Villanova University. He is a U.S. Army veteran.

Nemec, who will report to the Deputy Postmaster General, began his new assignment Sept. 14.

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  • piastsucks

    Thank god we hired another VP. I was so worried about mail delivery in my post office, but now that we hired a vp to take the place of one that left 4 hours ago we should be ok. Since I have to pivot 5 routes tomorrow, have 2 broken llv’s and a hole in my roof that makes it rain indoors, i am so glad that we hired Nemac. God forbid we hire employees who can actually do work like cca’s, or pse’e or the curse word NEW REGULARS, lets just keep pivoting and having all our regulars break down. I had a CCA that quit 9 months ago and still have not had the GREAT DISTRICT COORDINATOR hire me a new one, but a VP leaves on Monday and by Friday we have a new one. But service is important!
    So while on Saturday my carriers will be delivering mail in the dark,
    I am thankful that we have a new VP and we did not hire any employees so that the actual service to our customers can improve. And they say wall street is corupt!

    • Rotbart59

      Their connection goes back to the old Lancaster District about 25 years ago. He will be another Donahoe clown, er clone, pardon my spelling.

  • bozoshoes

    “Customer the Focus of everthing we do” ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

  • carrier

    Isn’t that Professor Honeydew from the Muppetts?