A good day for bankers – a bad day for Royal Mail customers

saveourroyalmailResponding to the announcement that the Government intends to push ahead with the privatisation of Royal Mail, Mario Dunn, Campaign Director, Save Our Royal Mail said:

“This is a good day for city bankers and share dealers but a bad day for Royal Mail’s customers. People in rural areas, small businesses and the elderly are all particularly vulnerable to what will be the inevitable price rises and rural service reductions.

“Privatising Royal Mail fires the starting gun on the race to end the universal postal service as we know it. A privately owned Royal Mail will not want to maintain loss making rural deliveries. The 2011 Postal Services Act allows it to opt out delivering loss making services.

“With price caps removed the consumer protections in place are extremely flimsy. It will not be long before we begin to see the worst excesses we have come to associate with other sectors such as banking”.

Latest polling shows that 70% of the British public oppose the sale of Royal Mail. The Government should listen to the public and halt this unnecessary privatisation.”

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