Two Abington PA postal workers charged with ID theft

Next time you hand your credit card over to someone, pay attention to what they do with it!

PA_Abington_Township_PoliceTwo Philadelphia men suspected of credit card fraud at the U.S. Post Office in Abington surrendered to police Thursday and were charged with identity theft, theft by deception, criminal conspiracy, forgery and other related charges.

According to police, Rashaad Schell, 23, and Daryl Matthews, 24, were employees of the post office at 1925 Keith Road when they stole credit card numbers by using a smart phone set to video record. The phone was left on the counter, and when the customer handed a card over to be swiped, the suspects would quickly hold it over the phone and record the numbers.

The accounts were then used for a variety of purchases from merchants including several American Express Gift Cards as well as tickets to Great Adventure, Adventure Aquarium and other events.

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  • Dan O’Donnell

    Were they PSE’S?

  • David Miranda

    are we doing back ground checks anymore……get these crooks out of here…lets keep the good workers happy