Early outs to be offered to managers, supervisors and postmasters

Note: The Federal Times says it was told by USPS Headquarters that the NAPS announcement below contains some unspecified “inaccuracies”.

September 04, 2013
From the National Association of Postal Supervicors:

naps-logoIn the last few days, the Postal Service’s plan to re-rank mail processing plants has become public knowledge despite their best efforts to keep the information confidential until September 6, 2013. The confidential nature of the discussions between NAPS and USPS Labor Relations was due to the fact that the Postal Service had not finalized their plans nor had they briefed Area and District Managers.

During our discussions, the following items were outlined:

• A VERA will be offered to all PCES and Field EAS with the exception of Headquarters employees. The VERA offer also includes all Area, District EAS employees and Postmasters. The notification period will includes written notification from the United State Postal Service beginning on September 16, 2013, and running through September 20, 2013, to all eligible VERA candidates.

• The VERA application period will begin September 20, 2013 with an irrevocable date of November 29, 2013. Two effective dates for retirement have been scheduled: For CSRS applicants the date is December 21, 2013 and for FERS applicants the date is January 31, 2014. The expanded date for FERS is to allow them to utilize 100% of their accrued sick leave balance. VERAs will have an irrevocable date of November 29, 2013.

• Mail Flow Controllers will be allowed to remain in their positions until at least April 18, 2014.

• The re-ranking of the plants will be formally announced on September 7, 2013. This was supposed to be the date that the information was supposed to be released. We expected that this information would be provided to the Executive Board at that time. Now, here are some details regarding the process:

The supervisor staffing ratio in the plants will remain the same. This was confirmed by USPS Headquarters during our meetings. In addition, there will be one MDO per tour and the level of the MDO will be tied into the ranking of the individual plant.

Plants will be classified as: Major, followed by PCES 1,PCES 2, PCES 3, PCES 4, EAS 25 and EAS 24. The support staff, MIPS and TANS Manager will be tied into the ranking of the plant while Maintenance staffing will be tied into the earned maintenance craft complement. Plant Managers, whose plant has been re-ranked, and choose to assume the newly ranked position will have appropriate ELM provisions in force. Employees who earn an increase will see a 2% salary increase while those plant ranking is reduced and elect to remain in the position will have saved salary for two years. Level 22 and below plants will be increase to level 24 and above plants, depending upon the outcome of the re-rankings.

The RIF avoidance timeline will be in effect from September 7, 2013 until February 11, 2014. General RIF notices will be mailed on January 14, 2014 and specific RIF notices mailed on February 12, 2014.

As a reminder all EAS should update their eCareer and any EAS level 16 and below must take the 642 exam. Please read all postings and be aware of eligibility and any limited areas of consideration. As always, there will be a review of SWC’s to determine the number of Supervisors to justify the position and/or posting of vacancies. Finally, there will be no form of incentive offered.

  • tony

    Then why leave?

    • shaman

      Barely 5 per cent took it last time. If there is no incentive it might be the same. But they are hoping fear of the future will increase the takers this time.

      • Retired

        Boy, if I was from outside the post office and read this string of crap from all sides, I’d say that all of you need to go. Everyone, stop whining and get to work. If you weren’t in the PO you’d be unemployable.

  • Kidd

    They tried this same plan a year ago but it didn’t work. These workers who are eligible for this Vera don’t leave. Reason for that is that these are the cushie jobs of the PO. They get well paid to do very little work. The reason you don’t see carrier buyouts is because they would leave in droves and all the part timers they try to hire all quit because the job is much to hard.

  • Jill Campbell-Robinson

    I left as a supervisor and am so happy I did. front line supervisors can’t make any decisions anymore they just have to follow orders by upper management who does not have a clue how to run city delivery.

    • Actual Worker

      Yeah, but you were overpaid at $70,000/yr+ to do it.

      • queen

        If you have to hear crap from those under you and above you, that’s not overpaid.

      • Unforgiven

        That’s coming from a craft employee who is performing a job hardly any more difficult than manual labor? Something that a casual can do for half the pay? Other than carriers, window clerks and mechanics, there aren’t many jobs that require a whole lot of intelligence out of craft employees. That’s how come they can promote supervisors that are even stupider than the average 5th grader.

        • jimbob

          If supervisors are so smart, why are being told everything to do. Supervisors job’s are so easy here, they hire 204-Bs right off the street.

          • cougar

            Maybe janitors can take their place for half the money,which equal big time savings

        • Kidd

          The reason why most employees become supervisors is because that can’t or are to lazy to do craft work. Like I always say. ” The easiest way to carry a route is from behind a computer”

        • Mr. Postman

          We just heard the MPOO position in our area has been eliminated because the chair they sat in for years broke recently, and they didn’t want to replace it.

          • Kidd

            Mr. Postman. You should take an early out and become a comedian. That was funny

    • Yue

      why you happy? Do you have less stress as a craft employee?

  • Unforgiven

    Seems rather pointless to offer early outs without an incentive.

    • dodong1

      they are already giving you an incentive to retire..EARLY OUT!!!

  • Larry

    This VERA is telling EAS to utilize 100% of their accrued sick leave balance. Wait, when craft uses their sick leave which is a benefit the USPS gives us, we get attendance reviews and harassed. The way I see it is we all work for the same USPS. So if it’s good enough for them then it’s good enough for craft. Start using your sick leave before this ship crashes.

    • mailman

      It is to allow EAS to have the full sick leave balance counted towards their pension,

  • About Time

    Great News !!!!! Far to many Managers and Supervisors who also have no clue about getting the mail out.If it was not for the clerks and mail handlers we would never.., get our mail !!!!! It’s about time !!!!!! 6 supervisors for 20 employees ??? Ridiculous

  • BOHICA123

    Amazing how many craft employees always have something negative to say about EAS but none of them ever take the job or try to take the job. Getting the mail out also involves coming to work and taking your job seriously enough to do your job. That means coming to work in the bad weather and good, and having your spouse take the kid to the allergy doctor instead of laying out of work. Just ask yourselves. If you were in charge of hiring people “would you hire you?” Would you be embarrassed if they video taped your interview and played it for all the plant to see versus what you’re doing now. I have hired many people and it’s amazing what everybody could do until they’re 90 days were up and then suddenly they couldn’t do anything.

    • Kidd

      It’s the people like you who harrass us craft employees when we try to use our earned sick leave or are unable to finish the astronomical work load you bestow on us on a daily basis. Also how you hold back our pay when we do call in sick. The times you force us to skip our non paid lunches so we can get back before these magical hours we’re not allowed to work past. Not only would I hire people like me but if the PO was full of employees like me I guarantee I would not lose one dime. Not like the Billions the PO pillages on a yearly basis

      • Bohica

        @ Kidd Harassment can be interpreted in many ways. The term is usually used when a correction is being made on someone. As far as the Postal Service wasting money. It is my hope that your wages are not part of it. One thing to remember is your attendance is your problem your attendance problem is your supervisor’s. Good luck

        • Kidd

          There you go. Typical mange meant. You don’t have any clue of my attendance record yet you have the nerve to say I have an attendance problem. Just to save you from further embarrassment my attendance happens to be emasculate

        • Kidd

          And another thing about sick leave. I DON’T EVEN WANT IT. It is forced upon mr by the PO. If I had my druthers I wouldn’t even take it. Just adjust my salary accordingly and leave me alone If I get sick.

    • King of call ins

      Eas are former craft personnel who COULD NOT DO THE JOB!

      • BOHICA

        @King of Craft ouch… What happened? Did you get passed over for a custodial job.

    • MH

      Speaking of allergies, I’ll never be so allergic to work such that I will compromise most of my values to hang with a bunch of lazy, incompetent submorons who left craft work for all the wrong reasons. Maybe 10% are worth a damn.

  • Craft

    BOHICA, do the USPS a favor, and take advantage of the early out offer.

    • Kidd

      I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction.

    • Bohica

      @ craft … If I did who would code your LWOP, FMLA or Sickleave, or listen to your whining?

      • Kidd

        They’ll just find some other wannabe Postmaster to do it. There’s tons of your types in the system that’s willing to sit back and watch people work

  • Kidd

    That’s the very reason I would never turn my back on my fellow craft employees and take a manegment position. I could never harrass and abuse employees daily and give them uncontainable tasks. Seems to me you sold out. Just another wannabe Postmaster. Good luck

  • he real 204b

    Good, get rid of high level management so I can really screw things up more! I can screw union Stewarts and never have grievances filed against me and treat the workers with even less respect than I do now!

  • please!

    Stewards idiot. Learn to spell.

    • MH

      Management lackey, learn punctuation!

  • seeyawldntwant2beya

    Our office runs just fine on Saturdays without our narcissistic womanizing postmaster and only one floor supervisor to open and one to close. No wonder they want to get rid of Saturday delivery. The local UPS shop delivers the same area as our PO delivery unit and it has no station manager or PM. It has only two managers, one to open and one to close. The PO has a station manager, a Postmaster and a separate supervisor for every zip code and the clerks + the closer. 7 total. When UPS went public they took the cash and offered the all the non-productive employees who did not touch a single parcel (managers) an ultimatum. Take the retirement offer and go- no other option. Management has invested so much energy in all of those totally unnecessary data reports to justify their jobs and to discipline craft. A great example is the MSP scan report. The carriers all have a cell phone with minute to minute GPS monitoring but they still have to scan MSP bar-codes on the street! Why? What a colossal waste of million$ nationwide. Every carrier has backtracked on his route to make sure that they did not miss the last MSP scanpoint to avoid discipline. Management has purposely avoided giving the scanners a feature that would allow the carriers to check and see if they have made all of their MSP scans like they can the collection scans. Why? So that there will be more discipline of carriers. To what end? The union defeats all of these LOW’s and suspensions at a great cost to the service. There are many other examples of how redundant management jobs are at the PO. The sad fact is that if no management showed up at all the mail would still get sorted and delivered. And the carriers that get harassed by management would be more than happy to help out or go home early if left alone by managers that are nothing more than bullies. The VERA for management should be MANDATORY. Leave or become a CCA. If congress gets its way and they finally rape the PO by contracting everything out to wall st backed firms your jobs will be streamlined and eliminated. The carriers will still be here. Karma is as karma does.

  • MH

    Seems at least half the tards at my facility go into management with the hope it might help them get laid (when their face and personality clearly will not get the job done). That inspires the morally challenged “wimmens” to move up using the time-honored “whorizontal” method.

  • Lovinglife

    I think what my fellow union brothers are trying to say is, well the post office has created this management style that is so far behind the times pre 1904 that its hilarious to me. Nobody is operating in this manner anymore. Egos, threats, bullying, intimidation just aren’t part of successful modern corporations anymore. Its about team work and building your business together, building people up and not putting down. Using titles like part of the team and not postmaster which are self fulfilling titles full of egos. Example of this is the designated parking spots for management. Self centered behavior, I’m somebody and I deserve this parking spot. Its the culture they have created and another reason we are behind the learning curve.

  • Mr. Postman

    I feel so sorry for you. I never realized how hard a manager’s job was these days.

    When a route is vacant, I suppose you “grab a bag,” and go carry some mail instead of giving it to another carrier?

    When a vehicle breaks down, you grab your tools, and go fix it yourself instead of making a quick phone call to the service contractor?

    When you get more work piled on you by the District, I’m thinking they know how much down-time managers have, and they are only wanting you to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage.

    When it gets too hard for you, I have a suggestion…

    Become a letter carrier.

    • Yue

      Can a supervisor back to craft employee

  • The boss

    No one is going to be signing up for an early out without some big money incentive. All an early out does is decrease your annuity. I’ll turn 58 next year so I could have already been gone, but why should I. I’ll keep 100 Grand plus w/benefits. If you want me to go SHOW-ME- THE $$$.