Amazing Postal Discoveries: Cell Phones!

The Federal Times has a story today about the rollout of cell phones to letter carriers. The phones are intended to allow carriers to upload data from their barcode scanners in “near real time”.

The USPS says that the introduction of the old style clamshell phones is “the first step in building out the capabilities that postal workers could have in the field.”

And that’s where the story turns into a bit of a head scratcher. One of the “innovations” the phones will supposedly allow is the ability to accept payments. You might be surprised to know that, according to the story, “the agency does not allow postal workers to accept payments while delivering items”. You would no doubt be especially surprised if you happen to be a letter carrier who has delivered a COD item! It’s possible that the reference is to credit card payments, but as written, the article gives the impression that neither the author nor the USPS official are aware that the PO has accepted payments on delivery for a century or so!

But there’s more: the story quotes the postal official as saying “There are a number of services we are envisioning that once we have real time communications and potentially voice communications to the carriers that we would be able to use to enhance the capabilities that they have and the things they can do on their route”

Imagine that! Cellphones have the “potential” for “voice communications”!

Who knew?

Read more: Postal Service rolling out 175,000 mobile phones to collect real-time data | Federal Times |

  • tom

    They already have voice communication with the carriers. They call my cell all the time when delivering to help someone at the end of the day…lol

  • Madmax

    Burn the money, burn, burn, burn. Can we get that bail out too?

  • Linda Kafele

    so when did cod’s come back? The PO stopped that years ago because of the revenue loss when customers would not pay. The money went directly to the companies to avoid a loss to USPS. AND what happened to the scanners that every carrier and clerk used to do this very thing? Who are these people and why don’t they know anything about the USPS?

    • Katts1

      Where do you work. The post office definitely still accepts cods. We get them on a regular basis.

  • mailman

    Sorry, the voice option does not work on these cell phones. GPS feature and downloads only.

  • marc zazeela

    USPS is finally getting what the private carriers have had for about 10 years.