Ohio: New carrier decides to deliver some mail on his day off…

An excerpt from the Mayfield Heights OH police log as published by the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

A woman reported Aug. 19 a man was near her home and handed her some mail that belonged to her. She said he didn’t have a postal worker’s uniform on or any identification on him. Responding officers learned the man was a United States Postal Service worker but was on a 90-day probationary period and was not supposed to be working that day. He allowed officers to check his vehicle and they found more mail. He told them it was mail that had fallen out of his bag and he decided to deliver it without telling his supervisor because he did not want to get in trouble. The man was sent home and a supervisor from the post office came to deliver the remainder of the mail.

Read more: Postal worker tries to keep low profile: Mayfield Heights Police Blotter | cleveland.com.

  • Scott Harris

    This is so sad that we have so many stupid managers asking these $15 an hour new hires to do the impossible. What is even more sad is that this 19 year old has to work off the clock to prevent him from losing his job and being fired by this inbred idiot manager making 6 figures with their pay for performance bonus. It should be pay for our performance. I say fire every person that doesn’t touch or move the mail and hire workers with a living wage. Go to any post office in the country and ask a manager what he does. I bet he can’t even tell you because he doesn’t know what he does.

    • David Miranda

      the $15 an hour new carrier is making that much because his union sold him out. He was making $22 as a TE. And just how is the manager responsible for this anyway? oh and who trained him? Certainly wasn’t his manager it was his union buddy that trained him…….you people crack me up

      • Mr. Six

        We all share moral responsibility for one another. Yes, there is a sense in which the carrier has only himself to blame. But there is a shared moral responsibility on this CCA’s co-workers, trainer, and management to act responsibly and above board every day. Postal managers agree with the joint statement on violence in the workplace which states “We openly acknowledge that in some places or units there is an unacceptable level of stress in
        the workplace” and “Making the numbers” is not an excuse for the abuse of anyone.” I do not blame any particular manager for this CCA’s downfall, but I do think it is time that supervisors and managers across the country openly and regularly acknowledge that there is an unacceptable level of stress today in the postal service and that some supervisors and managers are responsible for that. I am a union steward and I constantly acknowledge the shortcomings and offenses of my people but I fail to see the same kind of honesty from management about the behavior of some of their people.

      • Happy

        The arbitrator decided THAT wage & management was the lower of the 2 numbers. As for training, it’s management’s job to make the decision as to when he/she’s ready, so in this case MANAGEMENT FAILED….. We had a sub dumping coverages in a dumpster, along came used kitty litter….When MANAGEMENT has to retrieve the mail, I LMAO because I refused to tough hazardous waste & he had no union to keep his hands clean…PS- KMA !!!

      • peter

        The union didn’t sell anyone out, because Binding Arbitration is what created the CCA position.
        In our office the CCA’s received just three days of training with the OJI. That was IT> Are you a letter carrier? They were then handed the mail, no map, no instruction from management except, “Follow the mail.

    • WmNoelle Patton

      Why would it be impossible for the $15 an hour CCA but not for the $30 an hour FTR or PTF? And it has been years since anyone in management has received a PFP bonus.

      • Rick Marchetti

        $30 an hour? What PO do you work for?

        • WmNoelle Patton

          With benefits the average ptf is maing around 39

  • David Miranda

    Oh oh, I smell a grievance, supervisor doing carrier work,……..how many hours are they going to get for that?

    • Scott Harris

      And the manager didn’t make his own commitment and should give himself a letter of warning then terminate himself for missing scans.

  • Melissa

    Just another example of how management makes CCA’s feel they could lose their job for not “running”. It is a shame


    AND DO IT IN 8hrs,,,,,,,,, (that’s what happen here)


    WHEN IT COMES TO UNION …..fooh-geh-ta-bout-it……they turn the other cheek

  • ConClub

    How much does it cost to train these CCA,s to get them on the street by themselves. We can’t keep CCA’s in our office because management is to ignorant to understand that there is a learning curve. Some new carriers might not pick it up at first but could turn out to be a great employee when he does. But they’ll never know because they are not paid enough to put up with ignorance.
    We are traing them to fail!

    • Hello

      Too ignorant not to ignorant. How ironic.

      • ConClub

        Ya got me there bub.

    • Nemso

      I couldn’t agree more. This job takes a good 6 months to get down and is more complicated than most people realize. We have lost several CCAs due to lack of training. At first they told us the CCAs were hired to take away our OT, now the remaining CCAs can’t go back out on the street, we are paid at a much higher rate to go back out! Guess their 2 tiered wage structure isn’t working out too well!!!

  • Juile Jones

    This doesn’t surprise me. For all of us who work for the P.O we know because we seem it, If a C.A.A. don’t do there job and learn it. They will be replace.

    I first hand seem Mangers treat C A.A. like a dogs.Some people can’t pick up fast. For some people it does take longer.

  • Scott Harris

    Ever wonder what the real reason that management is so intent on eliminating Saturday delivery? It is to cover up the fact that managers don’t work on Saturday and aren’t really needed. The mail still comes to us without them. I was referring to station managers making 6 figures with PFP. Every manager I speak to quotes the same lie that they don’t get bonuses. Go to the NAPUS site and read their contract settlement for yourself. PFP numbers are tabulated from 2011 and distributed in 2015 in addition to a 6.5% pay increase.

    • common sense

      Boy- you’re just a font of lies and misinformation, aren’t you?

      By all means, go to the NAPUS web site. You’ll find that:

      – Manager pay scales don’t get to six figures unless you’re at the top of level 22. That’s a district level manager, not a station manager.

      – PFP is suspended for FY 2011 and 2012. No raise regardless of your PFP score.

      – PFP for FY 2013 will be subject to a review of “compensation practices throughout the US economy”, and may be suspended again. (Translation- we’ll give you a raise if we feel like it).

      – PFP will be applied in 2014 and 2015. (But I don’t think any supervisors or managers will hold their breath waiting for that!)

      – Even when supervisors and managers were getting PFP, it was the ONLY salary increase they received, unlike craft employees who got step increases and COLA strictly on the basis of not having been fired. The ONLY people who received lump sum “bonuses” were people at the top of their level. (If you think lump sum “bonuses” are such a great deal, ask your union to switch your steps and COLAs to lump sums, not rolled into your salary. I’m sure the USPS would be more than happy to agree to it!)

      Nowhere does it state that PFP for the suspended years will be paid in 2015.

      And of course, your “real reason for ending Saturday delivery” is one of the dumbest comments ever posted here. And that’s saying something!

      One thing simple folk like you fail to grasp is that supervisors, postmasters and lower level managers are not in the Officer/PCES “club”. Pat and the crew at HQ think of them as craft employees who wear ties and don’t have a union. If you think its such a plush job, go ahead and apply for it. If you can afford to give up the OT!

      • Scott Harris

        @common sense I retire in 8 months so I gave up OT 2 years ago. I think you have a better union than ours with a contract you received. Without an arbitrator as well. I guess you don’t need an arbitrator if you negotiate with yourselves. You just wrote this in your statement “PFP will be applied in 2014 and 2015”. If all managers thought they wouldn’t get a bonus for PFP scores then why are they going out of their way to improve it? The manager in this story even crossed crafts so his wouldn’t be lowered. I was a 204b 30 years ago and yes it is a club. You could never pay me enough to join. It would be like selling my soul to the devil. You managers are so into yourselves you believe all your micro management is improving the postal service. No, it’s killing it. This is why Saturday’s run so smoothly because you stayed home.

        • common sense

          Hmmm… hard to believe you got to retirement age while still being so clueless.

          There’s no arbitrator involved in supervisor’s contract negotiations because they don’t have a contract or negotiations. USPS HQ decides what the pay package will be, and that’s what supervisors get. Period. And, as the NAPUS site you so helpfully pointed everyone to confirms, USPS HQ reserves the right to change everything whenever it chooses.

          Supervisors don’t negotiate with themselves. They have a pay package imposed on them by HQ executives, who, as Officers and PCES executives, have a completely different, much more lucrative pay package, including generous bonuses. Supervisors get none of that.

          When the web site you point people to confirms that you’re lying, (or maybe just that you’re ignorant), maybe it’s time to shut up?

          Better still, when you tell the world that you’ve worked for 30 years as a bitter fool, wasting your life doing something you obviously hate for people you despise, why would you think other people would place any value on your opinion?

          • Scott Harris

            You should ask yourself this question. Why are you wasting your life in management? When you succeed at privatizing the PO you are the first ones to get canned. Craft will still have to do the work. I do just fine. Everything is paid for and in 8 months I will never think of the postal service again. In the crafts we are all smart enough to form our own opinions based on experience and facts and not on bullshit. All we get from management is bullshit. Trouble is you believe upper managements BS.

          • common sense

            Why do I keep working there? because I enjoy it for the most part, and I make twice as much money as you do. If you actually read any of my earlier responses, you would realize that I certainly don’t “believe upper managements BS”. I have, after all, explained to you how HQ execs screw the line supervisors even worse than the craft. But that obviously doesn’t fit your embittered little fantasy. You have convinced yourself that everyone in management is exactly the same and totally evil. If that helps you forget about your wasted life then go for it.

            Nobody in management wants to privatize the USPS. Even most of the PCES execs know that they’d be out of a job if that happened.

            Oh, and by the way- there are some real idiots in management. Amazingly enough, there are also some real idiots in the craft. But the majority of both groups just want to do their job and make it to retirement.

          • Babs G.

            Let me guess? You’re a shop steward with little to no leave saved up?

          • Babs G

            Scott Harris is clueless. I’m embarrassed for him.

        • Rambo

          Please tell me. How do you give up OT? I’ve been mandated to work 50 hours a week without being on the OT List and the Union turns a blind eye.

  • dajackson33

    News flash! The TE’s didn’t go from $22 to $ 16 they went to zero! This job was abolished!!!!!!!! The new jobs created were the CCA’s which started at $15…. These TE’s are lucky they had the opportunity to return! $16.25 is better than 0!

    • Scott Harris

      That makes them feel much better I am sure. Zero is what management is worth.

    • Jimee77

      I explain to my TEs turned CCAs that the arbitrator likely considered the requirement to provide health insurance under Obamacare as the prime motivation in cutting their salary. With the addition $500-$600 worth of insurance costs the postal service is assuming (Starting in Jan 2014) the differential in pay will shrink dramatically. Combined with the raises and COLAs in the current contract, they will be making more money in short order (plus M-01824 provides for a real mechanism for their conversion under the terms of the Das Award). I do think it is ridiculous that they should work from April ’13 to Jan ’14 with neither the pay or the benefits though. I don’t tell them “they should be happy they have a job at all”. These people do the same job I do as a FTR. In fact, they are closer to T6’s in most cases. And they are doing it for far less. I just try to get them converted as quickly as possible. My first CCA will be up for conversion on the first day of the 3rd full pay period two weeks from tomorrow.

  • David Miranda

    for all you braniacs out there, it is not management that wants to eliminate Saturday delivery it’s the politicians, in this case Republicans in particular. Imagine that asking someone to earn their pay is only a crime in the PO where the no layoff clause guarantees the people to get over because they can’t live without OT.

    • common sense


      A lot of commenters here seem to think line supervisors and lower level managers think exactly like the PMG and the Headquarters crew. That’s nonsense. Regardless of whether or not a particular supervisor is an idiot, most of them are well aware of the fact that they are MUCH better off with the USPS as a government agency, and with Saturday delivery preserved.

      It ain’t rocket science- get rid of Saturdays and you need fewer supervisors. Get rid of the unions and before long there won’t be ANY need to give supervisors raises to maintain the pay differential- and management benefits will get cut to match.

      Like it or not, all postal workers below PCES are in this together. The sooner they ALL realize that, (and hold their noses as needed to work together, maybe!), the better off they’ll be!