Tennessee postal worker shot and killed by police in his own garage

A 68 year old postal worker from Tennessee who planned to retire at the end of the year was shot and killed by a sheriff’s deputy in his own garage Thursday night. The deputy claimed he was doing a “property check”, and was confronted by a man with a handgun. The Sherriff’s Department says the deputy “gave verbal commands, and fired multiple shots, striking Henry C. Taylor, 68, and killing him.”

So far the Sheriff’s Department has not confirmed whether or not a weapon was found at the scene. The victim’s brother told the Knoxville News that as far as he knew, the victim didn’t even own a firearm. He also expressed concern abut a possible cover-up.

The case is under investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Read more: Blount County Sheriff’s Office press release.

  • Carole Latino

    OMG leave it to the south to shoot first and ask questions later. 50 yrs ago Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream and he’s probably turning in his grave today! Yes we have a black president but we still have a lot of ignorant people that just refuse to let people be. What are they afraid of???????

    • Billy Bumtrip

      Girl, put some South in your mouth.

    • dave

      Carole- Ya might look at the stats. For the most part it’s not in the south. Secondly, most violent crimes are black on black. I don’t really think Dr. King was dreaming of black kids with no father in the home, Nor did his dream include excessive dropout rates. Stop blaming others. That is what has him turning in the grave!!!

    • MrPolarBear

      What does Dr, King and A Black President have to do with this? The South today is not the South of the Past. There are many cultures from all over the nation that have moved into the South. Your post is so stereotypical. Dr. King would probably roll over in his grave after reading your post.

  • J Flores

    How ignorant…

    5 cities in the United States that reported the most murders and non-negligent homicides in 2011:
    1. New York — 515
    2. Chicago — 431
    3. Detroit — 344
    4. Philadelphia — 324
    5. Los Angeles — 297

    Other parts of the country they say “FU” first and then shoot.

  • JohnComeau

    deputy went postal, wtf?

  • KristenKealapono

    Property check?
    I smell BS.
    I smell loads of BS.

  • Billy Bumtrip

    I swear the USPS want to get out of paying pensions. They will go to any extreme.

  • rodney dollar sr


  • IIlIIl111

    What happens when 2 people “stand their ground” ?? Stupidity and death

  • hrdcorefan

    Same happened here in Texas when police said poor lighting led officers to the wrong house, where they shot and killed a 72-year-old Fort Worth man.

    Waller, a father of four and a grandfather of six, died in the early morning hours of May 28 after police responded to a burglary alarm call. Waller’s family said Waller had heard a noise and grabbed his gun for protection.

  • Mark Franchi

    IMO they better get it through their heads if it comes to a point they need help from the public, the public will turn its back on them, furthermore they do this crap now but some point they won’t be a LEA and the beloved government won’t care what happens to them. Its a total shame that they are being asshats, They will start the anarchy and wonder why the public is rebelling against them.

  • kcarrabamaboseil

    What do you want to bet that this guy in some way dissed the Holy One of the White House? Want to bet that we are going to see more and more “domestic terrorists” subjected to this sort of thing? They are going to pick off anti-Obama people one at a time, and this is the way they will do it.