USPS Chief Information Officer Burgoyne retiring

From USPS News Link:

burgoyneEllis Burgoyne, the Postal Service’s Chief Information Officer (CIO), is retiring from USPS.

A 35-year veteran of the Postal Service, Burgoyne began his career as a letter carrier in Inglewood, CA. A former Postmaster, Burgoyne also served twice as a district manager, was Delivery and Retail VP, and VP of the former Southwest Area before joining the Executive Leadership Team as CIO in 2010.

As the Postal Service’s CIO, Burgoyne has overall responsibility for the advancement of new mail intelligence, as well as the Postal Service’s engineering systems, payment technology and corporate information security. He is responsible for the world’s third-largest computer network, as well as one of the largest intranets.

PMG Pat Donahoe credited Burgoyne with guiding USPS through one of its most pressing challenges — the use of information systems — adding his experience and background gave him a unique understanding of his duties as CIO. “Even before becoming CIO, Ellis used his deep understanding of how to marshal systems and data to make smart, fast operational decisions,” said Donahoe.

Burgoyne plans to leave USPS in early October.


  • dauchund

    Lets see 35 years of service should get about $3200.00 a month right HA HA

  • pistaface

    i hope they hire someone right away, god forbid one of those positions stay vacant, or become residual, they are so so so important to our organization

  • pistaface

    the pmg should pivot out the responsibilities of this position to the rest of his staff.. like he wants all the carriers, clerks, mailhandlers, supervisors and postmasters to do, ohhh whats that the upper management doesn’t practice what they preach? oh their a bunch of hypocrites, but they can read graphs on the computer all day to help the”company” make money.
    So hows that working out?

  • Susan Plunkhead

    Not really retiring, he will be back as a contractor making even more money. Happens all the time with the PO. They seem to find the money.