Two South Carolina postal workers indicted for delay of mail

uspsoigThe US Attorney’s Office in Columbia South Carolina announced today that two Anderson SC postal workers have been indicted for delay of mail. Linda M. Hughes, age 40, of Liberty, and Kevin William Pearson, age 30, of Anderson, were each charged with a single count. According to the Greenville News, the indictment claims the two “unlawfully destroyed, detained, delayed or opened mail that was intended to be delivered by a Postal Service employee”.

The maximum penalty each could receive is five years imprisonment for violating Title 18, United States Code, Section 1703. The cases were investigated by agents of the United States Postal Service, O.I.G., and were assigned to Assistant United States Attorney David C. Stephens of the Greenville office for prosecution.

  • Pepito

    Yet nothing happens to management when they flood a station a week before it gets walked then holds mail while its getting walked then floods it again when the walk is over…

  • gkmaildude

    Our supes tell the CCA’s to bring back any mail that can’t be delivered by 6:00. Then they send it out with someone the next morning, sometimes half a route. I wonder how much prison time they’re going to get.

  • HappenhereinMichigan

    Exactly…nothing happens to Management that delay mail on a daily basis (only they call it “cutting”). Same thing! Only difference is that they get paid to delay the mail, and the craft employees get disciplined or fired to do it. And then they wonder what is wrong with our organization!

  • JackTripper

    I agree with Mr. HappyinMichigan, it is Managements fault that they cannot keep these two from delaying the mail, and the same goes for the ones who get caught stealing or FMLA fraud or Workmanship Comp is the managers fault these workers result to these activities…they should get more pay and more time off so they wouldn’t have to do these things…right on Mr. Happy…down with the Stupervisors…our Union will show them who is boss.

    • retired

      I hate when people blame it on the management. These people get plenty of time off. People who steal usually do so because of some kind of turmoil in their private life.

  • Mr manager

    Are you union people crazy? The postal service is going to shut down. You are not going to get paid because the company is out of money. Your union supported the people that voted to take money from the company. Jacktripper would’ve lucky to wash floors at Mick D’s. bunch of losers.

  • Just Me

    How about this. Two people just stealing with no conspiracy theory.

  • Just Me

    You know. If you don’t like your job, your pay, your benefits,your management, there is a solution. Seek employment elsewhere, but I see no one running out the door. Must not be so bad. It is easy to complain and be a part of the problem instead of part of the solution. I not saying the P.O. is perfect,but no one complains on payday!

  • Mama Rose

    What exactly did they do? “Destroy, detain, delay or open mail that should have been delivered?” What is the whole story?

  • retired

    They can’t tell you too much as they are federal employees. They will probably be asked to resign or they will get a slap on the hand.