• Hal

    Disagree with the health care platform. How does one think that adequate health care can be obtained in this cross section of our country and universal and quality care provided within certain cost parameters and be fairly and equitably distributed throughout the nation? Costs vary by region, required services also vary by region AND without the strength of the OPM’s gigantic bargaining position can costs be contained as services are provided?

  • postal clerk

    ALL postal employees should go to the newer, cheaper, mo’ better health plan. the postmaster general and the “executives” should lead the way to sign up for this wonderful plan. surely they don’t want to stay in that crappy federal health benefits plan!

  • You won’t let me

    Imagine this: the usps has been floating the idea that it is a company and not a federal service agency for years . Once employees are removed from federal benefit plans and the big bankruptcy / sell off to privateers occurs they will exclaim they like any private company that goes under in this bad economy your former health isn’t retirement benefits are gone as well.Meantime the billions already in our plans disappear and the politicians who developed this plan in 2006 receive their reward from the big mailers.

  • Mailman030

    Of course the USPS will save money on health care expenses if they pull out of FEHB because they will just raise the employees contribution amount and deny every medical claim.

  • disqus_1o8rou0i24

    Everything out of this guy’s mouth is BULLSHIT!!!! He doesn’t even believe his own lies. Screw him and the rest of the idiots at L’ENFANT PLAZA!!!

  • not living the dream

    Yes Pat you care about us so much that we as postal employees don’t even get to see this video at work – I was just unlucky enough to be checking out the latest on the postal blogs when I came upon this video of lies. Please do us all a favor – retire or quit before you totally destroy the Postal Service. Of course that is your plan – destroy it so your friends like Issa can steal it from the American citizens – pathetic! You are not qualified to be in charge of my United States Postal Service!!!!!! Decreasing service does make an organization grow – especially a service organization. DUH!