Driverless mail truck rolls through residential neighborhood

rollawayA potentially deadly situation ended without any injuries yesterday in Port Chester NY when a driverless mail truck rolled 350 feet down a residential street. The USPS described the incident in a safety advisory:

The rollaway occurred on Tuesday, August 6th when a full-time letter carrier from the Westchester District, Port Chester Post Office dismounted the LLV to deliver mail to the receptacle on a house. When the employee returned to the vehicle it was traveling down the street approximately 350 feet where it landed on top of rock boulders.

The safety bulletin noted that this was the thirteenth such incident this fiscal year in the Northeast Area, which includes New England, the New York Metro area, and most of upstate New York.

  • Matlock


  • tradarcher50

    management will always blame the carrier. “Be safe but you better move faster”.You better get back in time.

  • Tom

    Llv’s are prone to such incidents. Management may want to blame the carrier but the fact is the emergency brake can disengage by itself if its out of adjustment. Time for newer And better trucks!

    • Miguel

      That may be true, though if you put the gear lever in park, engage the parking brake, curb your wheels, ignition off, key out it makes no difference whether the parking brake works or not.

  • lymehead

    Maybe he thought it was a Google car and it could deliver mail by itself!

  • lymehead

    The delivery van is stoned!

  • pistaface

    so if you crash your truck its someone elses fault?
    if 30 years i have never seen a properly engaged parking break, with a vehicle in park, and the wheels tuned into the curb
    just roll away, there is always one of the 3 things I mentioned not being done. funny how carriers very rarely crash their own cars?

    • Rico

      Well said… the hand brake can fall off, but if the wheels are curbed… there is no incident.

    • Miguel

      exactly. It’s just a habit whether in my own vehicle or driving an FFV. Gear lever to park, parking brake engaged, wheels curbed properly, ignition off, key out. Safety is one of the things you can be put off the clock for.

  • Hal

    Sad. Has anyone noticed that since the VMF began contracting out repairs, the inspections of the vehicles have lagged, as well as the repairs?

  • schnufus

    Roll away, run away for sure. NALC time.

  • management

    Give him a 14 day suspension, and suspend all driving by this clearly unsafe driver.

  • Retired Postmaster

    Carriers frequently state that they are professionals and it will never happen to them! Remember September 30, 1985 in the Northeast Area

    • PistolPeterson

      No, that was over 25 years ago. What happened?

  • escape_goat

    Rock Boulders? Are there non-rock boulders?

  • me

    no one took into account that maybe heat/humidity and forced OT for months could have been a factor as well. people get tired and mistakes happen. how many hours a week was this carrier working? i know it was pretty warm and humid in the area as well. years back when i was a ptf, my supervisor made me come in 5am to case 30ft of flats on ONE route and then deliver it. at 3pm, i had a roll away….luckily on a flat surface and i wasnt too far from my truck that i was able to stop it…but i have made sure that it has never and will never happen again!!! but i had worked 10 hours straight at that point and probably was into my 50th or 60th hour for the week! so, when you’re forced by management to work soooo many hours, take that into consideration as well!

    • Dann

      You are breaking my heart. My co-workers and I worked 12 hours a day 6 days a week for three years straight a few years back. (we also made 100k each those years).

  • John retired postmaster

    The LLV parking break failed, the wheels turned themselves, the vehicle somehow got started by itself, popped out of park and into N or Drive by itself. The carrier was obviously overworked making possibly a six figure salary. None of this is his fault, because the vehicle did it. What should happen in all vehicle accidents with carriers is a state accident report should be submitted to DMV and the accident goes on the carriers driving record. When his personal insurance goes up, maybe he will take more responsibility.