Video: Iowa Post Office Enforces Parcel Policy

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After getting hundreds of reports of missing packages, the Davenport Post Office said it had no choice but to take action. Davenport mail carriers are no longer allowed to leave packages on doorsteps. They must now be left in your mail box instead. And if they are too big to fit in the mail box, the carrier must take it back to the post office and notify you that he or she did so.

The post office said the policy is not a new one, but the enforcement of it is. Davenport Postmaster Anthony Harris said the Postal Operations Manual states packages should not be left at the time of delivery if they are not secure. However, it is up to the post office to enforce the policy.

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  • jennifer E

    Does this include, “CARRIER LEAVE WITH NO RESPONSE” packages as well?

    • jeff

      Union Press. local 997 they should be left amazon and others that have that put on their parcels are taking responsibility for them to all be left at the door. we have just won a big step B grievance on parcels and that was a part of it amazon says they pay to have them left at the door and thats what they want

      • David Miranda

        typical union response…but hey, we care about the customer

        • Andy Tuttle

          Talk to Amazon. They are the ones whose parcels are clearly marked, “CARRIER LEAVE IF NO RESPONSE”. The Union does not put that endorsement on parcels but that messes with your anti-Union bias, right?

        • joe stutzman

          not union response-amazon [customer ] request. big difference

  • Mailman

    My Experience is that Amazon has been going away from USPS and shipping via UPS. I have asked them not to, as UPS leaves packages on my doorstep, even when I am at home. Luckily, I haven’t been subject to theft!

    As for enforcing the Policy, it is about time.. Wonder how many packages have been stolen through the years and of those, how many customers we have lost????

  • san

    ups and fed x leeave parcels..they dont take them back and store them..we have to compete ..

    • Mike

      UPS and FedEx don’t always leave them either, especially in areas they have been targeted. Customers are paying for delivery yes, but safe delivery. It is part of the Letter Carrier’s duties to use discretion when regarding mail security. It’s in the book.

  • san

    if i pay for delivery that is what i want..i will make my mail person bring it back..i will not go in and pick it up..that is not what i paid for

    • Mike

      If a parcel does not contain a carrier release endorsement and you request a re-delivery be mad, then you are accepting responsibility for that parcel. It makes no difference to me if you want to overrule your Letter Carrier’s discretion. But if and when you do, you shouldn’t then complain if something happens to it. The tone of your comments, “i will make my mail person bring it back” lead me to believe that you would be the first to accuse your carrier of either stealing it, misdelivery or claim you didn’t get it when you did.

  • ajayon

    The vast majority of packages today have endorsements from the sender to leave the package if no response, so if they are not leaving them the mailer is not getting the service they requested. Also if a person is usually home but not that day letter carriers are suppose to not leave a notice, but attempt delivery the next day before leaving a notice for pickup.

    • David Miranda

      just because the mailer doesn’t care if the package is delivered or not does not mean we can’t care…..they already have the money the customer deserves to get the item they paid for……

    • Karen Luttrell

      Actually, no…we attempt once UNLESS the customer calls or marks on the left notice form “redeliver.”

  • David Miranda

    it’s about time

  • Whatever

    OMG…go to the store then n buy your sh!t!!!