Wrong ZIP on Rhode Island lighthouse first day covers.

pointjudithLinn’s Stamp News reports that the USPS made a mistake in the postmark applied to first day cancellations of the Point Judith RI Lighthouse stamp issued on July 13. The postmark reads “Narragansett RI 02883”. Narragansetts’s ZIP is actually 02882- 02883 is the ZIP for the neighboring village of Peace Dale. The USPS is offering exchanges for collectors who want the correct ZIP on their covers, but, this being the arcane world of stamp collecting, it will also allow collectors to order covers with the Peace Dale ZIP.

  • MrZip

    The mistake will probably end up being worth more that the corrected version.

  • LiamSkye

    It’s a clever ploy by the VP of First Day Covers to double his sales. I can see a bonus as big as a lighthouse on the horizon!