Video: Postal worker recounts details of pit bull attack

SAN DIEGO – A letter carrier who was attacked by a pit bull while on his route is hoping his story draws attention to what he says is a problem.

The U.S. Postal Service says 31 letter carriers have been attacked by dogs since 2013.

The attack on Buddy Siso happened in Golden Hill two weeks ago.  He said a dog broke through a chain-link fence and got a hold of his throat and leg.

“I still have nightmares,” Siso said.

He said he used his mail bag to block a part of his neck while the dog attacked. Blood can still be seen on the bag strap.

Read more: 10News – Postal worker recounts details of pit bull attack – – News.

  • Ben Smith

    Why would any reasonable person want a dog that is an uncontrollable killing machine?

    • FormalRuralCarrier

      Because that’s their little Pookie-Poo who is so sweet and loving and they don’t understand … because they are stupid or they don’t want to understand … that Pookie-Poo will fight to the death to protect them. And, the postal carrier, in the dog’s view, is a threat to its family. These people are lucky their dog attacked an adult with training … if this was a kid, the outcome would have been much different.