Overstaffed USPS still hiring managers, video producers, “social media specialists”… and casuals

We keep hearing about how overstaffed the US Postal Service is, supposedly because it can’t lay off all the excess employees it has, but it appears the USPS is still actively recruiting new employees:

One might assume that the USPS wouldn’t be filling positions at a time like this, instead taking advantage of attrition to cut expenses- but there are obviously some critical positions that must be filled:

The USPS does have openings for people who would actually be handling mail- but of course, they aren’t career jobs with benefits:

If you’re “lucky” enough to get one of these jobs and things don’t work out for you at the USPS, the recruiters still have you covered:

  • pistaface

    they are hiring cca’s at 15 dollars an hour to work side by side with someone making 25-30 an hour. As the senior people retire the juniors take over and their salary does not go up, so thru this attrition the Post Office is saving money. You can’t lay off or stop hiring carriers because they deliver the mail, the video people, public affairs, board of governors and engineers you can get rid of all of them.

    • Iget Yeldat

      I know an office in gateway that has 2 carriers for 4 routes (3 and an aux) Requested a PTF and was told NO get a CCA. Requested a CCA and was NO because the POOM is over cap. A neighboring office has 2 new CCA’s starting Monday. A large office where pivoting is much more of a possibility. The small offices are getting screwed over and a previous poster said that lower management is treated terribly. You’re right, we are and we have no redress.
      Name withheld to keep my boss from having another reason to call and yell at me.

      • disqus_HBA04MBzrS

        I’m in MH craft. What’s a CCA and what does pivot meanz(in brevity)?

        • Robin

          City carrier assistant-CCA and a pivot is when a particular full time assignment(route) is split up and other carriers have to deliver it, usually after doing their own full time route.

  • pistaface

    when the human resources manager in westchester ny district retires in a few days, they should not hire a new one, instead delegate his jobs (sort of a pivot) as all us carriers have to do.
    why can’t all the useless people in the district take over and share all those jobs, they do nothing anyway except call and ask what we are doing.

  • going postal for 20 years

    The reason they have to hire management from the outside is us employees know how they will be treated if they took a management job.the USPS uses and abuses lower level management. Don’t pay overtime but want you to be there 10-12 hours a day 6 days a week. Everything that goes wrong is your fault even if you did exactly what they told you to do they will say they never said it.

  • JV

    we need new people to stand behind us while we case,read the new GPS, and tell us to get off the clock as soon as we get back from doing our route and a pivot somewhere else

  • Patty

    Mostly hiring for non delivery personnel… like they need more!! If they were evaluated like rural carriers, you would need half as many!

  • Nemso

    Years ago, the Postmaster General Marvin Runyon said anyone who did not touch the mail needed to go. Even he could not make it happen.

    • common sense

      Maybe because he realized he’d be the first to go? Runyon never said that. He did say that if you didn’t touch the mail you were “overhead” Which is true- but a lot of those “overhead” people do some important things like make sure you get paid, and actually have a building to work in.

      The USPS hiring “social media specialists” is nonsense. But it’s also nonsense to say that everyone who doesn’t “touch the mail” should be fired, OR that everyone who DOES “touch the mail” should be kept!

      • Nemso

        And a lot of those overhead people do things that are probably not necessary, like count DPS on a Monday and slow down carriers who are trying to get to the street to deliver the mail they’re counting!