NALC statement on postal bill mark-up session


July 24, 2013—On July 24, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, held a mark-up session on his postal bill, H.R. 2748. The committee, which has oversight of the Postal Service, was expected to pass the measure on a party-line vote and recommend it for consideration by the full House of Representatives.

The NALC strongly opposes this harmful bill. During Congress’ upcoming summer recess, when House members will be visiting constituents in their home districts, our legislative and grassroots activists will meet with our representatives and explain to them how this bill:

  • fails to provide a long-term solution to the disastrous and unfair pre-funding burden
  • jeopardizes the Postal Service’s most important asset: its brand for trusted universal service
  • would slash services to Americans and eliminate at least 100,000 good jobs
  • directly attacks postal employees’ collective-bargaining rights
  • creates a costly new level of bureaucracy at the Postal Service.

Here is NALC President Fredric Rolando’s statement:

Depriving Americans of the door-to-door delivery they rely on is a losing proposition that enjoys little support among the public. Even the postmaster general recently testified to Congress that it arouses widespread concern.

Ending door-to-door delivery for tens of millions of Americans would particularly harm small businesses as well as the elderly and people who live in areas with extreme weather. And it’s counterproductive financially, because—as is the case with the proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery—degrading service would drive mail out of the system and reduce revenue.

And cutting service doesn’t even address the Postal Service’s financial problems, which aren’t caused by mail delivery. Almost all of its red ink stems from the 2006 congressional mandate to pre-fund future retiree health benefits—something no other public agency or private company is required to do.

Lawmakers should fix the problems they created, not make counterproductive reductions in service to America’s businesses and residents. There are many opportunities, such as the boom in package deliveries from the expanding e‑commerce market mentioned today, ready to be tapped if lawmakers act responsibly.

Click here to read President Rolando’s letter to Issa about the bill’s discussion draft.


  • john

    so me walking up someones icy,rain slicked, loose board porch is ok but the home owner walking down them same step to retrieve their mail from a curb box is such an inconvenience. Get over it and put up a damn curb box.

    • city carrrier 27 yrs

      seriously do the job you were hired to do and deliver the mail. Another person who cares for nobody’s job but his own.Don’t degrade the service fix the real problem!

      • city carrrier 27 yrs

        Times have changed and I don’t care about the service. I only care about myself and I want Saturday’s off. sounds like a lot of folks agree with the issa bill. why then is he only able to garner 2 co-sponsers? this is nothing but an attempt to privitize the postal service. I wonder why Fed-ex is in support? better wake up people.

    • san

      all boxes should have been to the curb long ago…and shut on saturday should have happened years ago..we will all have no job if we dont get these two things done asap

      • RacerRay

        Curbside is more expensive than walking! Fuel,tire,brakes,transmissions,etc.

  • Postal Worker

    Don’t degrade the service fix the real problem…I totally agree…fix the prefund retirement plan and our financial state is no longer the main issue here.

  • New po

    27 year. Retire. Nobody want to hear how u walk through 10 feet of snow and fought 15 pit bulls. Times have changed and u need to go.

    • RacerRay

      Why don’t you! You are the one crying!!

  • Ex Carrier

    Really? “Ending door-to-door delivery for tens of millions of Americans would particularly harm small businesses as well as the elderly and people who live in areas with extreme weather. And it’s counterproductive financially, because—as is the case with the proposal to eliminate Saturday delivery—degrading service would drive mail out of the system and reduce revenue”. Is this the best argument the NALC can make? I guess these same folks dont go to the bank, shopping or the grocery storein bad weather? How do they survive holed up in their home all winter? Ending door delivery will have no negative revenue impact. All new delvery is now centralized/curbline anyway. I understand the job loss issue, but this is the economy we live in today. w/o reducing labor costs there is now way for long-term viability.

  • san

    only 20 percent have this outdated expensive service that no one should have..we all have the same service..this is all bullshit and lies

  • 5day

    What 2006 congressional mandate? Tell us all just one more time. Other guys don’t pre-fund, therefore why should we? Who would possibly want the benefits that they have been promised to be paid for? What about this crumbling recession? I’m sure volume will be picking up any day now. Why does the NALC not ask it’s membership what it is that they want? Saturdays? Centralized delivery? They don’t know because they didn’t ask. Just continue having those dues taken out. Tip. Go to lite blue and find your union anniversary on ps1187. Fill out ps1188 between 10 and 20 days before this date and send to the parasites via certified mail.

    • reality

      Volume will be picking up any day now? Where do you live? Perhaps Obama can mimic his affordable healthcare and mandate everyone mail at least one stamped first class envelope a month or pay a tax. So what if no one actually uses an obsolete service so long as you protect the artificially inflated wages and benefits of the workers?

  • Ben Franklin

    We are arguing over delivery ?? Do fed ex and ups deliver ? Or place in a box on your block ?? Please…

  • Jermann

    Door to door delivery is so prehistoric. Walking down alleys and thru people’s yards especially! And abolishing a day of delivery would save millions just on fuel alone not to mention all the OTDL not working SDO anymore.

    • RacerRay

      Funny. Donawhore couldn’t justify savings when pressed in Congress hearings

  • Jermann

    The union needs to stop speaking for all of us and acting under their own interests! 100,000 jobs lost translates to that many less carriers paying their $600/yr in dues

  • Burt Lancaster

    We’re gonna need new LLV’s, y’all….Where’s the dough gonna come from to pay for all of that? We’re gonna end up walking either way….

  • New po

    Rolando, ask me what i want before you write a letter telling congress what you want me to say. you care only about your 5 day a week union office job.

  • Scott Harris

    I have read every post here today and my conclusion is you are all in management or dumber than a bag of hammers. Stay in your flock of sheep and do managements violations of the contract which they all agreed to. Who else is going to speak for you. It won’t be any of you idiots. Look at your t-6’s and tell their families you want Saturday off. Guess what, managers don’t work on Saturday and we all deliver fine without them. FedEx, UPS and management would give their left nut to kill Saturday delivery.

  • New po

    scott harris, you must be the bag of hammers or better yet the left nut idiot who decided to be a t-6 and to old and dumb to know change is needed. if you dont want change then the city carriers who want to keep the post office alive, dont want you. retire and shut up.

  • chuck

    Wow!!! Sounds like most carriers agree with ISSA…Looks like either way the post office is doomed. I Hope Rolando is reading this and starts to listen to his members. as a carrier for 28 years saturdays needs to go and curbside service when possible should be approved. Do away with the funding law and create our own health system! Its sad to have to agree with a republican but Obama has appointed nothing but republicans on postal boards and sold us out also. We need to start kissing some republican azz or were finished

  • Patrick

    Since the pre-funding mandate accounts for the vast majority of the Postal red ink, Rolando is spot on in pushing for it to be addressed in any legislation. Then, and only then should Saturday delivery & curbside boxes be discussed. (30 year carrier)

  • WornOutCarrier

    I’m 25 year carrier. Walking routes should have been gone 30 years ago. Everything should be curbside & centralized delivery. This is common sense. Go to 5 day delivery & packages on Saturday. Do these now or there won’t be post office 10 -15 years from now. I understand Union trying to save jobs, but Delivery changes must be made.

    • Guest

      another fool trying to get Saturdays off…you want Saturdays and sundays off?…look for another job..I’m a T-6 and I don’t want to loose my job because some lazy people NOW want to be off weekends…when I signed I knew I was going to work weekends…

      • RacerRay

        GOOD CALL!!

  • Jermann

    Sounds like Scott Harris has been paying too little attention to the post office financial woes

  • Scott Harris

    @Jermann, You go ahead and drink managements coolaid. Our government steeling from our retirement funds began with bush in 2006 and the lies about money losses are from the PMG on down to the workroom floor. Fire every inbred idiot manager and our money troubles are over. @newpo, you don’t even have the balls to say your real name or what you manage in the PO. Drink some more coolaid and go back to sleep.

  • New po

    Brian. 7 days a week. Lie to yourself and shut up. Go back and sit on rolando’s lap. U two deserve each other. And let’s get one thing straight, you have never and will never work 7 days a week to protect me from removal. Because I actually work for a living. So go back to your 5 day union job and hopefully find some common since u dumbass. A thank you and apology is required from YOU!!!!!!!!

  • Scott Harris

    I apologize with my middle finger, sit and spin.

  • bobbygca1

    i am over 37 yrs city carrier walking is great exercise but po does not make money delivering d to d

  • Scott Harris

    We are not designed to make money. How much does an LLV cost to go 10 miles. How much does a mail bag cost to go 10 miles. Please don’t drink the Koolaid and think for yourself. 28 year carrier.

  • adavids

    This job steals your life. Saturday must go..Quality of life ..and work life will go way up..