Darrell tweets a whopper

Darrell-Issa-007As a class, politicians are not known for their honesty. But self-anointed “watchdog” Darrell Issa sometimes goes above and beyond what’s expected for his tawdry “profession”.

Gee whiz! A $15.9 billion loss AND an $11.1 billion default! So that adds up to $27 billion in one year! Unbelievable!

And of course, it IS unbelievable, because what Darrell doesn’t mention is that the vast majority of the $15.9 billion “loss” WAS the so-called “default” of $11.1 billion. They’re not two separate items to be added together the way Darrell does in his tweet.

To arrive at the actual loss, subtract the $11.1 billion non-cash accounting entry from the $15.9 billion “loss” and the actual cash loss was $4.8 billion. Certainly not chicken feed, but it’s a small fraction of the $44 billion in past USPS profits already sitting in the Treasury’s slush trust fund!

On the plus side, maybe the first response to Darrell’s tweet is a positive sign that the truth is finally getting out there:

  • Captain Obvious

    Isaa is a joke! This is why none of his ideas will ever get off the ground! People still recognize evil when they see it! Except the folks in his California District!

    • MrZip

      More like a nightmare!

  • Ben Franklin

    Retweet: correction has 50 million in healthcare account , the most of anybody public or private in the USA..

  • tjf


  • OverWorkedPSE


  • RandyF

    What an incredible Issa-Hole.

  • Toejam

    When the idiot Issa says “the voters should hold you responsible” kinda implies (to me) that someone is wasting tax dollars. How about folks sitting at home that buys stamps that DON’T vote? Not everybody HAS to vote………….it’s a right to “exercise” if one chooses…..

    • safemammal

      I’m just going to assume that you dropped acid shortly before posting this…

  • Toejam


  • brian

    Let’s privatize the military too, i’m sure they’ve turned a profit? What? they haven’t? Oh, nevermind

  • Melody Gannaway

    What an idiot who gets paid way to much money!

  • lovelettercariers

    How about stopping the ridiculous funding for future healthcare premiums for the USPS. NO OTHER COMPANY in America is required to do this. Stop hiding behind your ridiculous ideas – the American Public deserves to have universal mail coverage. I invite you to carry mail for a day and see just what the job is all about – come on Issa – take the bait!!!!! I’m certain the Union will waive any restrictions just to see how well you can do. My Congressman carried mail – how about you??????

    • Snowed

      Government crooks, using postal profits to hide their budget deficits….I wouldn’t doubt there is something in it for him if the USPS were to privatize.

    • hollywood

      He would steal an LLV first chance he had !

  • Tony

    How about this for the post office making money. Seeing as how congress the senate and the president and cabinet and his wife all get free postage paid by taxpayers. Then maybe they should pay for their own postage. Even postal employees have to pay full price for stamps and anything that we mail.

  • vitameatavegamin

    Howie Klein………man of the Year!!!!

  • postalworker

    I watched a meeting a few months ago that Issa had that could be viewed on the internet. For three hours I WATCHED EVERYONE in that room disagree with his bill. They broke for lunch and I had to leave. Amazingly the next day I check and the members had approved the bill.. What Kind Of Power does this man have to make members approve a bill that they know is wrong. Someone should find out why these members seem to be afraid to vote against this guy. Somewhere there is a smoking gun. The people we vote in should not be AFRAID to vote for what they know is right!!!