Postal service HR secretary faces disability fraud charge

Newsday reports that a USPS secretary from Long Island has been arrested and charged with fraudulently collecting disability benefits.

A U.S. Postal Service secretary on Long Island who claimed she was so injured on the job filing paperwork that she could no longer carry out routine tasks or walk easily was arrested Monday on charges she fraudulently collected more than $50,000 in disability benefits since March 2012.

USPS records list the individual charged, Zdena Hock, as an EAS-12 administrative assistant at the Mid-Island P&DC in Melville NY. Newsday cites sources as saying that she was secretary in the human resources office there.

Investigators claim that while Hock claimed she was unable to engage in virtually any physical activity, she was observed swimming three times a week, and carrying groceries, with no sign of the claimed injuries to her back and neck.

Hock faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    I was a letter carrier for 22 years; and I was wrongfully terminated after I reported my manager, Kenneth Benaquista Sr., of Belleville, NJ, for extorting $700 from a co-worker and for stealing money from the agency in a fraud scam. Before my untruthful firing, an administrative judge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Terrence Toner, an attorney with the U.S. Postal Service, suggested I go out on a disability claim when I was physically and mentally able to work. There is something very wrong with the system!

  • Tom L.

    Or she might get a promotion..

  • Joseph A. Della Ferra

    While Kenneth Benaquista Sr., of Belleville, NJ, was a manager with the U.S. Postal Service, he extorted $700 in cash from William Tinger, a letter carrier who was in his probationary period. Benaquista Sr. was also involved in a kickback scam with relation to about 100 postal vehicles under his supervision being double-billed for gasoline weekly. The criminal manager, who is married, was also “playing post office” with one of the female letter carriers. Benaquista Sr. was not prosecuted and fired; however, he was forced to retire. He has been receiving $3,400 a month in pension benefits for the past 12 years! For being honest and for reporting his improprieties, my job and my pension were stolen from me by a harassing and retaliatory management. I get nothing!

  • Barry

    Somehow I see a new “Vice President” position in the future?

  • Kyle

    Boo hoo

  • kookoo7

    before you post your comments, know that this is not the full story. There is clear documentation and MRI’s of injury that the post office was aware of, as well as many other factors. She wasn’t moving manila files one or two at a time, but directed to move heavy boxes. This is a 65 year old grandma who can’t walk more than 15 steps slowly before stopping and relies on her family to do everything for her. She swims at the pool because the post office DENIED her benefits and could not get physical therapy, and her orthopedist told her to swim in lieu of that.

  • retiredbobinFla.

    Don’t worry….her “union” will get her off on some technicality.

  • 11501

    Wow, she swims & gets groceries. Just because a person can move around in a pool & get groceries doesn’t mean she can automatically do a job. I guess she shouldn’t be able to eat since she is hurt. If you live alone there are certain things you need to still do. It doesn’t mean you aren’t in pain it just means if you need food you go to the store.