Greeting card industry says USPS can be saved without cutting Saturday delivery

The Hill reports that the Greeting Card Association, a trade group, is proposing its own version of postal reform. As Congress prepares yet again to talk about the subject, the GCA says that the USPS can be saved without cutting Saturday delivery or raising prices:

A new report from the Greeting Card Association is pushing a plan to use cluster boxes for mail delivery, instead of the more expensive practice of delivering door-to-door.

The plan also calls for ending or vastly reducing the prepayments for retiree healthcare that USPS has defaulted on twice over the last year, to the tune of some $11 billon.

Read more: Greeting card industry releases postal reform plan – The Hill’s On The Money.

  • TheRealFed

    Everyone and their brother has a plan.

  • Linda

    Stopping Saturday delivery and closing post offices has hurt the USPS more than it knows! Take away the customer’s place of business and you will lose the service forever! I am a retired Postmaster and I hear everyday the complaints of their customers!