Burrus says he’ll endorse a candidate for APWU President

Retired APWU President Bill Burrus says he’ll endorse candidates in the upcoming APWU national officers election. While Burrus’s announcement on his blog doesn’t actually say whom he plans to support, it’s pretty clear that he’s not going to be backing the incumbent President, Cliff Guffey, who negotiated the union’s current contract with the USPS:

The national officers responsible for negotiating and supporting this agreement must be held accountable and prevented from duplicating this disaster; your future is at stake.

dimondsteinWhile he doesn’t say who he’s endorsing, there is only one other candidate for President on the ballot- Mark Dimondstein, former President of the APWU’s Greensboro NC Local, and a former National Lead Field Organizer for the union. Burrus is a member of Dimondstein’s “Mark for APWU President” Facebook campaign group.

Burrus also notes that there is a precedent for a retired APWU President endorsing a candidate: in 2010, Bill Burrus endorsed Cliff Guffey.

Read more: Endorsement | Burrus Journal.

  • Kurt Heubusch

    I guess bill didn`t groom ol` cliff as good as he should of.

    • Cliff Goofy APWU President

      The only person who grooms ‘ol Cliff is my pal Pat Dumbahoe, and as you can see by my pictures I am not well groomed.

  • http://postalnews.com/ hollywood

    I’m sure he will be pushing his new book also .