PMG announces departure of Government Relations VP Dominguez

From the US Postal Service:

June 25, 2013


SUBJECT: Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy

dominguez_marie_therese-newToday I am announcing that Marie Therese Dominguez, Vice President, Government Relations and Public Policy, will begin a new phase in her distinguished public service career, effective July 1, when she assumes a senior leadership role with the Department of the Army.

Since joining the US Postal Service (USPS) in June of 2007, Marie Therese has built a long list of accomplishments. One of her first major tasks was to help implement the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 from a regulatory and public policy perspective. She and her colleagues worked closely with the Postal Regulatory Commission and Congressional monitors to implement these new authorities.

She has effectively led the Government Relations (GR) team in educating Members of Congress, their staffs, the White House and Executive Branch on postal policy and legislative issues. Under her leadership the GR team established excellent working relations with Members of our House Oversight and Appropriations Committees. She led the effort to pass international air cargo pricing legislation which has saved millions of dollars for the Postal Service and has effectively worked to encourage passage of comprehensive postal legislation. ln 2009 she received well-deserved recognition with a Board of Governors Award for her leadership to achieve legislative relief on Retiree Health Benefits prefunding of more than $5 billion.

Marie Therese also has been our key contact with the White House end the Administration. Her work led directly to the President suggesting a five-day mail delivery schedule in his budget well before the topic was addressed in iegislation by Congress.

From 2007 to 2012 Marie Therese was the Officer overseeing Stamp Services, and likewise made significant contributions there. She led the effort to make all stamps Forever Stamps and followed through to establish the program. Under her leadership Stamp Services implemented thorough metrics, documenting the program‘s profitability, and highlighting the importance of stamp retention to the Postal Service’s revenue contributions.

Throughout her work at the USPS Marie Therese has been a strong advocate for cross-functional ties, From leading the Legislative Cross-Functional Team on Network Rationalization implementation, to the POStPlan to heading the 2012 Election Mail Task Force, she has been adept at making the necessary connections to ensure success in achieving our financial, programmatic, and legislative goals.

On a personal level Marie Therese has been instrumental in advising me and other executives for ongoing work with Congress, In all, she has worked extremely hard, and with untiring dedication and persistence has made great strides toward comprehensive legislation which will better position the Postai Service tor a sound financial future.

Please join me in congratulating Marie Therese on her continued career in public service, Wishing her well in her new position, and thanking her for her many contributions to the Postal Service.

  • Sr

    I doubt she ‘worked hard’ at anything except getting paid(overly).

  • big john

    what a joke