Video: North Texas vet cries foul after his service dog is barred from PO

THE COLONY — Wherever Zack Pennington goes, so does Ella, his service dog.

Pennington is a Navy veteran who served from 1998 to 2007 and did tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“She’s a safety blanket for me,” he said.

Pennington was diagnosed with PTSD is 2008, and through a program called “Shepherds For Lost Sheep” put his own dog, Ella, through training to help with his disorder.

Pennington recounts a moment when he was escorted out of a post office in The Colony in early June for having his service dog. He claims the postal worker saw the dog and asked why she needed to be inside.“By me saying what [Ella] was for, I would have been revealing my diagnosis to a room full of strangers,” Pennington said.

He says that’s a violation of the ADA.

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    Rules and Regulations Governing Conduct on Postal Service Property

    Dogs and Other Animals

    Dogs and other animals (except those used to assist

    persons with disabilities) must not be brought onto

    Postal Service property for other than official purposes.