Video: Postal Worker Helps Bust Domestic Lottery Scam


Foreign lottery schemes may be fleecing Americans out of as much as a billion dollars every year. The problem is so vast, congress is hearing testimony on the matter.

Often suspects are overseas, and that’s a challenge for law enforcement. But here’s a case where a perceptive postal employee helped bring a suspect to justice right here in the United States.

“Something is not right here. Why are you getting all these Express Mail packages from all over the US?”

Mary Santiago asked the right questions. She knows her customers and suspected one was running a mail fraud scheme based here in the U.S.

Read more: Postal Worker Helps Bust Domestic Lottery Scam – WBAY.

  • joe stutzman

    I know an elderly lady who, according to her daughter.ost north of $100K in an off shore scam. we tried to tell her, but she was always “just” 1 letter away from millions. SAD