USPS gags carrier who complained about racist frat boy prank

Postal inspectors have told the letter carrier who complained about a racist, homophobic fraternity prank to stop talking about it. Iran Becton had complained about an incident involving the Phi Delta Theta fraternity at the University of Chicago. Someone placed an order for dozens of USPS shipping cartons to be sent to the fraternity. Becton told someone at the frat house that he had a lot more to deliver, and then made 6 or 7 more trips back and forth to his truck:

“After the last trip, one of the frat guys came out and said it was a practical joke. Another guy said that I should read the name backwards and I’ll get the joke.”

The items — all 79 of them — were addressed to “Reggin Toggaf.” Written backward, the first name is a racial slur. The last name is a slur for gay men.

“I was humiliated,” said Becton, an African American.

Becton contacted the newspaper after he says his complaints to postal authorities had “fallen on deaf ears”. Now, according to the newspaper, Becton has finally heard from the USPS:

Julie Kenney, a spokesman for the Chicago Division, U.S. Postal Inspection Service, acknowledged that the postal service has advised Becton against talking to the media because he might be “jeopardizing the investigation.”

Mitchell: Postal worker angry about prank gagged – Chicago Sun-Times.

  • Reality

    Why is he not off work on OWCP? He is completely and utterly disabled for working ever again. He needs to get back home on 75% of his salary tax free with benefits. There is little in life more debilitating than humiliation. Hopefully he can get some emergency intervention to remove all sharp objects from his home.

  • haha

    Lighten up Buckwheat!

  • sampe

    obviously white folks still think its funny to group”gag” another human being and again not have to pay a price.

    • nnyl

      Put some in front of the “white folks” and you’ve got it.

  • Bohica

    Its a Hate Crime, Treat it like one…..

    • Alan Heerwagen

      I agree.

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  • Mark Swammy

    Gagging a black gay male. There’s a joke in there, somewhere, I’m sure.