NALC: Flawed Issa ‘discussion draft’ has major problems

NALC welcomes chance to discuss reform proposal with Rep. Issa

June 13, 2013 — On June 13, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) released what he termed a “discussion draft” of a possible postal reform bill that he hopes to introduce in the near future.

“This discussion draft has a number of major problems that need to be addressed before it is used as the basis of actual legislation,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said, noting how the draft includes many of the damaging and fundamental flaws that were included in H.R. 2309, Rep. Issa’s attempt at a postal reform measure in the last session of Congress.

For example, Issa’s draft calls for the immediate elimination of Saturday letter mail service, for taking away from 35 million Americans door-delivery of the mail and replacing it with cluster-box delivery, and for compromising the security of the mailbox by allowing access to non-federal employees.

“The NALC is disappointed that Chairman Issa did not take a fresher approach to postal reform with this discussion draft,” Rolando said. “However, we appreciate the chairman’s invitation to provide input to this legislation before it is formally introduced, and we welcome this opportunity to engage in discussions of this proposed bill with him, his colleagues on the Oversight Committee and the entire House of Representatives.” (Issa’s committee has jurisdiction over the U.S. Postal Service.)

“We are going to carefully go through this new draft in the coming days,” the president said, “and we hope that we will be able to work with the chairman on legislation to provide alternative approaches to postal reform that seek to modernize and strengthen the Postal Service—an agency with roots in the U.S Constitution—rather than to destroy it brick by brick.”


  • san

    the union had its chance now it needs to step aside..they will have us with no jobs within a few years..

    • common sense

      So you support Issa and Donahoe? You want all the carriers eligible for any retirement pension to be forced out with no incentives? Apparently the rest of the letter carriers disagree with you!

      • postal worker bruce

        eligible to retire? then retire

    • Cliff Claven

      Yes, the USPS employees need to have the same wage/benefit package as Walmart employees. Let’s put more people of food stamps and no health insurance.

      That is what Issa is looking for.

  • Bo

    for almost 40 years as an NALC member I am close to withdrawing my support for the union. Current leaders are out of touch with the issues that mean the survival of the company we work for.

    • postal worker bruce

      after 40 years, retire

  • nalc membet


    • Cliff Claven

      By the USPS’s own study, ending Saturday delivery will cause more in revenue diversion than the savings they project. That’s a sound business practice. Save $1 and loose $3.

  • common sense

    Oh really? Try this, from Issa’s original bill- it’s pretty clear- no retirement bonuses, and everyone who is eligible for any pension gets laid off before any non-eligible employees. You did actually READ what’s been posted about his new bill, didn’t you? You do understand what eliminating the no-layoff clause means, don’t you?


    The new provision requires the USPS to RIF all retirement eligible employees prior to laying off any workers not yet eligible for a pension, and to RIF the most senior of them first:

    (ii) GENERAL RULE.—A reduction in force under this subsection shall not result in the separation of any
    non-retirement-eligible employee before a retirement-eligible employee.

    (iii) LENGTH OF SERVICE.—In determining the order for the separation
    of competing retirement-eligible employees, individuals shall be
    separated in descending order based on length of service.

    The law would also prohibit severance payments for such employees,
    who would also be forbidden from being reemployed by the USPS as long as
    a non-retirement eligible person was available. The revised RIF pecking
    order would apply only to bargaining unit employees.

  • old timer

    “a fresher approach” ? give me a break. Let’s face it, the options are limited when demand for the product you offer is rapidly diminishing. Time to face reality.

    • Cliff Claven

      How about the big mailers start to pay a rate that reflects the actual cost of delivering their product to your door?

      That would be a “fresher approach”.