USPS tells apartment owners: convert to centralized delivery now or it will cost you later

ndcbuThe National Multi Housing Council is seeking clarification on a notice received by some apartment owners telling them that they should “request” conversion to outdoor centralized delivery units now, or risk having to pay for new delivery units later. The organization posted a copy of a letter from the USPS St Louis District to the St Louis Apartment Association which includes this warning about the USPS’s “radical” plan:

This program is funded by the US Postal Service Headquarters, it is our understanding that IF or WHEN the Postal Services [sic] decided to go to a more radical approach of unilaterally requiring properties to convert, that the funding will not be available to purchase the equipment. I implore you all to contact me at you [sic] earliest convenience so that we may begin the process of converting your properties.

While the USPS has for a long time required centralized delivery in new buildings and developments, it says that revisions it made to the Postal Operations Manual last year give it the authority to change existing delivery modes as well.

  • wilbur517

    They just LOVE getting rid of the SERVICE in U.S. Postal Service don’t they ?

    • RacerRay

      That’s why the sign on our building says: United States Post Office….. Service left dozens of year sago.

      • SB

        It was the US Post Office until ’74. It got the “service” name when the service left.

  • Nelson Gaskill

    In South Jersey they are justflat out lying and telling Businesses that it is going to be mandatory as soon as S1789 passes the Senate. S1789 does not exist. I wonder if the Postal officials committing this falsification will be fired.

  • Larry Croft

    Rumor has it that , where there is currently door to door , it will be changed to curbside, where there is curbside it will be changed to CBU. Welcome to the NEW USPS!

  • Jack Frost

    Hard to justify concierge type delivery service to the porch with a dwindling mail volume. Perhaps when they are required to charge the true cost of such delivery people will be willing to cough up the difference to keep their current set up. Note USPS gets NO tax monies and exist solely on sales of postage.