Department of Wishful Thinking: USPS says declining mail volume increases value of direct mail

It’s always good to try and find the positive aspects of a bad situation, but the USPS may be stretching it just a bit. This week it told employees that the decline in mail volumes is a good thing, because it makes individual pieces of direct mail more valuable:

Electronic communication has resulted in less traditional mail arriving in customers’ mailboxes. But that could be good news for direct mail marketers, according to an expert.

It may seem counterintuitive, until a mailbox is viewed as an advertising vehicle, said Caribou Honig, founding partner of Richmond, VA, QED Investors, a marketing firm in a recent interview.

“In most media [the cost per impression] plummets as impressions or ratings points, or circulation numbers drop,” Honig said. “But the value of a direct mail piece actually rises as total volume goes down. As total volume of mail declines, marketers who stick with it gain ‘share of mailbox’ and higher response rates as a result.”

USPS News Link Story – Alive and well.

  • LiamSkye

    Yeah – like that.

  • mjamison

    A riddle wrapped in an enigma inside a mystery (thanks Winston) or a bit of market speak, man behind the curtain BS invention of a new metric called “share of mailbox”.

  • Mr. Postman

    Businesses have to advertise, else they will not grow, and will go out of business.

    A long time ago before the internet, television, and even radio, businesses that needed to advertise used newspapers and magazines to convey their offerings to the public. Nearly everyone subscribed to their local newspaper, and had several magazine subscriptions.

    Not so anymore.

    Today, not everybody listens to the radio, or watches television with commercial advertising. We can listen to music without the interruptions of the DJ, and we can watch movies on-demand anytime we like, all commercial-free.

    In other words, media that the public has the ability to “tune out” isn’t as effective as it was in the past.

    However… every household and business has mail delivery, and in most cases cannot chose what type of mail is placed into the receptacle.

    That’s where the value of direct mail is increasing.

  • disgrunted clerk

    I suppose all the stamps I sell are to be used as wallpaper ?

  • city slug

    Can I be appointed VP of “share of mailbox”?