USPS to explain new employee health plan (to the mailing industry)

Postmaster General Pat Donahoe has claimed that he can cut the cost of USPS employee and retiree health benefits by $2.1 billion a year by setting up a separate insurance plan outside the federal FEHBP program. The suggestion has been greeted by skepticism, since it flies in the face of logic: how do you cut health costs by reducing the size, and increasing the average age, of your coverage pool; as well as eliminating the competitive “market” aspect of the FEHBP?

While the PMG has claimed that his program would be as good as, or better than FEHBP, doubts about that promise were immediately raised by the fact that the PMG and his top executives won’t be part of the plan- they will still be covered by FEHBP.

USPS officials may clear up some of the questions about their plans next week in a “webinar” set for Tuesday. The session is not, however, aimed at postal employees and retirees- its intended audience is the mailing industry:

From a USPS Industry Alert:

Please join Jeff Williamson, Chief Human Resources Officer & EVP for a presentation about the Postal Service’s proposed health care plan to control and significantly reduce health care costs for the Postal Service and our employees, annuitants, and their families, while providing health care benefits comparable to or better than provided through Federal Employees Health Benefits FEHB plans.

Read more: USPS Health Care Plan Webinar – intelisent Postal Affairs Blog.

  • Katie Kate

    You know it can’t be good if he himself wont be part of this “new and improved” health plan!

  • LiamSkye

    I hate posts that start with “I learned everything I need to know when…” But here goes.

    I learned everything I need to know about the new cut rate USPS health plan when I saw that the senior officers were exempting themselves and their families from it.

    • Larry Beauchamp

      Wow just like OmamaCare.

      • dipshit

        Is it me or does Donohoe appear mildly retarded?

      • minoconnor

        Correction: Obomneycare.

  • Rachel Hutchinson

    I have some cost cutting measures to propose. How about getting rid of every director and vp of this and that. And lets be fiscally responsible and get stamps by mail forms to the post offices. The rate change was done at the end of January and the Grand Rapids Michigan area still does not have any. Stamps by mail forms = money to pay bills and wages. We do not need anyone cutting health care and retirement benefits considering congress is already using that money to shore up everything known to man!

  • cathyandmike

    Another political ploy from the PMG. Convince the mailing industry that it’s a good thing and get them to lobby for him. If it’s such a good plan, why would postal Execs such as himself still be in FEHBP? Please leave my healthcare alone Mr Donahoe.

  • Postal Pete

    Having the proven incompetent Postal Service management administer a Postal Service only health plan would be a disaster. If these bozo’s who don’t have legitimate college degrees think they have a better plan than FEHB then why won’t they have to participate in it? and remember, they don’t pay for their insurance like the rest of the employees. And why have the postal unions, who are supposed to look out for the best interests of their members been silent on this important issue?

  • 7togo

    Are you kidding me? How much money did the P.O. lose last quarter? Why do I think you can manage the health plan any better? HELLO.

  • Supervisor

    Why would the USPS try to convince the public about the benefits of their version of a health plan yet not spend any time explaining it to the employees who would be covered by it???

  • Milburn

    And where are our “protectors” the unions as our choice for healthcare is about to be sold down the river?

    • minoconnor

      Telling you to vote for Obama or the world will come to an end.

  • Geo

    when is PMG retiring?

    • sLiM_mC_sHaDy

      When will the overweight drunk just go on and keel over. There’d be NO LOSS there.

  • Martin Geary

    Can you say Medicare?

  • Michael Moon

    Stoopid is as Stoopid does!

  • Jack Frost

    One thing is true, the new plan will save money by denying care and eliminating coverages. Otherwise, how is it possible? I can tell the sun everyday not to rise, but that doesn’t make it so…

  • Mel Silverbrandt

    My wife and I had a dental plan thru the Post. Office. At first, it was great. As the years went on, it got bad and we dropped it. This is what will happen to our health plan if the P.O. gets its hands on it.

  • Bohica

    Maybe all upper management should quit and let new temp people do their jobs, that should save a lot and they would probably do a better job

  • Kurt Heubusch

    did you see the health benefits the pse `s got from the union?a joke,probably the same plan.ask a pse who has the insurance what they got…….sad…