Video: ‘Price is Right’ run foils carrier’s worker’s comp claim

Greenville, N.C. — A former Fayetteville postal carrier who was receiving worker’s compensation payments after injuring herself on the job pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court Monday.

Cathy Wrench Cashwell’s claim that she couldn’t lift mail trays into a truck due to a 2004 on-the-job shoulder injury was called into question in September 2009 when she appeared on "The Price is Right" and spun the "big wheel" twice.

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  • Postalguy 01889

    Dope, if you want to cheat the system you must cheat the whole system and disappear. Take your direct deposit and move out of the country.

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  • Retired Carrier

    This is a reprinted story from 2009, Must be a slow news day.

  • swineo

    Why no picture of her?